Summa Mix 2

an epic sunset that was on everyone in NYC's social media and instagrams

jen's fantastic ssam jang with honey

I got Bob, Jen, and I kits for 23 and me to do the ancestry and health genetic tests. You have to produce quite a bit of spit to fill the tubes for testing. 
theres basic questions you answer on the site but then you get into the voluntary questions that go on and on forever and are weird such as these two examples.

Jonathan and Katie's baby shower at Union Hall.

a sad weak man
in full bloom the canterbury bells just tickle my pickle and the bees as well.

truly amazing square slices at spumoni gardens. Like a true pal i fit one of these whole boxes in Steven and Kimie's freezer when i went to feed the cats for when they came back from japan craving some rib stickin' american food.
and of course a box for us. I'm telling you their puffy dough and sauce is magical.
weekday daytime Manhattan Chinatown funeral procession

F train over the lovely Gowanus canal.

Puerto Rican day parade weekend has everyone showin out all over town.

a sample harvest of greens from left to right Buttercrunch lettuce, chrysanthemum, mizuna, cilantro.