Another April Another DC

A Karaoke party at Celine and Yoon's apt and Kelly Koo was there for a conference.  exactly at the stroke of midnight a neighbor down the hall knocked and said they could hear us through a wall a wall a wall.  In hindsight I don't know how anyone thought it would be ok to have us all singing at the top of our lungs

puzzle, by Zachary Choy
Lulu, by Zachary Choy

at a burning man exhibit

directly across the street from the whitehouse.

The Obamas portraits were revealed recently at the National Portrait gallery but they aren't the first to have non-standard portrait styles.  JFK by Willem De Kooning

Bill Clinton by Chuck Close
Barak Obama by Kehinde Wiley

Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald

an ad on the metro for the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet.  Don't know why or who they are advertising to other than touting 'Merica

the USA Science and Engineering Festival.  Zackary passed by all this cool stuff because all he wanted was to see the "body" stuff.  This thing shows where your veins are.

some new Raider helicopter.  This was a STEM festival for kids with lots of coding booths, and other sciences but there was also a huge section for military booths because it was put on by the department of defense.  Recruiting them early?

Jen's crowning life achievement.  She was obsessed with finishing this 1000 piece puzzle so we had no choice but to help her.  These are Disney's Tsum Tsums, some clever person's way to sell a new product line of disney charcters in this cute simpler style.