found a sweet bike for Jen on craigslist
The carriage houses of Hunt's Lane in Brooklyn Heights.

Ran into illustrator Alex Eben Meyer and child at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

this vintage Schwinn is in great condition and refurbished and tuned.  It feels really solid and smooth and it even came with suicide breaks.

Folksbier tasting room's new look.

hardening off the seedlings gradually over a week.  This winter has gone into spring and since I have no experience with this I inadvertently killed a bunch of seedlings because it was still too cold outside to even start hardening them off.

the all grain BIAB beer me and bob brewed is the best tasting stuff we've made yet (Jen says the prior batch was better, maybe cuz we used different hops).

my hairbrained hoophouse plan.  That in the end works

watching Sandy's dog Pudge, an Asa Lhapsa.  He's great cuz he will fetch the ball and bring it back and throw it back at you

the oppressive midtown office scene, seen from Shillington's prior graduating class's exhibit.  It's the design school Jen's going to

for steven.  Also frequented by Shillington staff because Shillington started in Australia.

the hops rhizomes finally came in.  We're growing Centennial (ex. Bell's Two Hearted Ale uses centennial), and Cascade (ex. Sierra Nevada pale ale uses cascade)

we spent way too many hours putting this together and messing it up and engineering it and drilling new holes etc...  I tried to design it so i could unscrew nuts and bolts and store it away and not use screws that would destroy the wood over a few seasons.  I also needed it to be lightweight so I could lift it up daily to tend to the plants.

Freddy's has some Amelie like sitch going on with their side kitchen who has a screen at the bar that is of a live video camera of the order numbers that are ready.

Bob didn't get to see the final product, just the frame.  Here is your satisfaction bob.

lashed together these two bamboo trellises.

Another brew sesh