JP, Jong Pil came to New York from Seoul for 2 days as part of their honeymoon
quick stop at Cafe Steinhof in park slope for some German sausages

coffee at Cafe Regular

like half of the beers at the Other Half right now have lactose in them

Fat Cat adult playground.

JP got thrashed
it's said that Joe's Pizza is the best slice in NY, it's pretty good but I would argue even table 87 is a better slice but I guess its not a traditional slice place.

JP's dream would come true the next night

we got a drink upstairs at the Olive tree cafe and bar and saw several famous comedians hanging out at the bar and in booths

Bagel Hole is a gross name and the place doesn't look like much but it is the best bagel in the Parkslope/Greenwood/Gowanus/Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area and Mayor Bill De Blasio's favorite.

the pizza slice Louis CK eats before he runs down into the comedy cellar in the opening credits of his show Louie.  We saw Colin Quinn at the Comedy Cellar then at BBQ at Mighty Quinn's (not very good!).

welcome to NYC JP.

we drank some craft brews at home and then JP and Emi were off to Cancun in the very early morning.

transplanting into larger containers.