Oh Hey It's a Canisteo Christmas - Part 2

Christmas day comes again.
a fine young man christmasing with style and grace, quietly waiting atop the stairs of his parents house with his stack of gifts wearing a 2 piece holiday suit..  He is 34 years old.
like the true project runway never happened contestant I quickly fashioned these wrapping paper bolo bow ties upstairs.  They are equal parts bowtie and ribbon bolo
so much sexy and smolder happening in this photo.
we were dog sitting the Olsen's dog and it had to go out a lot, or else.  Merry xmas little guy, maybe for one day a year you will not shiver with fear and wish for your existence to end...oh nope nevermind.

which one do you want to snuggle up with more?  a tough xmas day choice I know.

Dad's smoked turkey is on!  that smoker is the best present we ever got ourselves.

this year I was vetoed and we bought gingerbread kits instead of baking them ourselves.  I suppose it did free up a nice portion of the day for sledding.  Here is the parents spacious 2 story with vast property.
complete with demented santa in the front yard.

here is bob's humble beggar's bachelor's nest with what at best can be described as a pile of sh@3t on top, or Santa as he tries to say.  This is what happens when you sell to a young single math tutor, he turns a brand new pre-fab house with decent property fees into a steaming (in the summer time) or frozen (in the winter time) pile of frosting and gumdrops.

Jen and I's recently converted and restored French farmhouse residence with shale fish scale roof shingles, a mansard roof, 2 story bay window and the grinch on top cursing it all.

I was really proud of bob this Christmas day, when's the next time that will ever happen again it won't.  Despite his thrown out back he really owned xmas day 2017.  He even volunteered himself to take shots of vodka before we went sledding.  Way to go bob, earning that holiday cheermeister crown this year.

I said wow you were screaming a lot was is scary?  She says I don't know my hat fell down over my eyes.  I look at photos later I laugh.  Just like a cartoon character.

ok that's enough!

It was the best turkey i've had i think and it still has room to improve even.

xmas village 2017.  Just like at olympic villages syphillis runs rampant because all the penguins are in peak physical condition and on an olympic high.