September Sizzle

was really hot through september

Jen's last day at work celebration for 2 ended in a rooftop camping dancing in the moonlight party

want some?  well it's off the market now

don't know what's going on here but i'm not locking my bike here.

a week later and the fall crops have sprouted.  I was doing the totoro grow dance on the roof.

our building's elevator room.

burger at Gnarly eats.

Jen hates it when i stare longingly at piles of garbage we pass on the street.  But in Park Slope those piles of garbage often yield treasure, like these trellises that will support our tomatoes and cucumbers next year.  Score.

It's been a long while since I posted Illustration stuff i've done so a lot is going to get skipped. 
Wedding thank you card art

permaculture for new orleans home
home maintanence check list for new orleans home
tourists for new orleans mag.
when you hit a tuft of grass onto your ball it's called a toupee.