Ciudad de Mexico - Part Four

we went to what was touted as the best Chilaquiles in the city on yelp and it was one lady with a few buckets and a line of peeps and it turned out to be a chilaquiles sandwich.  La Esquina del Chilaquil.  I got the chicken schnitzel like one (milanesa).  She had a bucket of tortilla chips paste that she spread on the bread.  Good stuff.

some peeps went to the airport and some of us went to second breakfast.  Huevos Divorciados, one side in green salsa, one in red.  

Mercado Artesanal de Mexico, full of cheap stuff that we didn't really have the energy to go through.

fuente de los coyotes in the central park.  A peaceful place except for the incessant howl of those pipe organ guys that you want to murder.  Not pictured is the $18 hotel I stayed in that night which was 50% nicer

The Fonda Margarita that you want to go to.  Communal tables, everyone is friendly, the real deal.

I just got what everyone else got.  Best food I had on the trip.  Also the cafe de olla at this place was good so good cafe de olla does exist (sweet coffee is not my thing).

They even had live music.  It was tuesday at 9:30am

Here is a favor for you, This is where the good fonda margarita is, not the fancy one of the same name in the north.

directly from here I got an uber to the airport.  The driver was super friendly, we talked, he blasted Mariachi (Alejandro Fernandes) and sealed a place in my heart for Mexico City.

On the flight, edited for content?!!!! as a film fan there were so many I couldn't watch on the flight because I want the complete unedited experience

El Fuego!!!!

look at these Uber ride fees!  it was less than $4 from the airport and when I left it was $6!  In contrast it was $16 to ride the Newark air train to the NJ Transit to the NYC metro and walking to my apartment all totalling like 1hr 45min