The End of the Venice Dream

Last day in Venice, the dream is over.  What a dream it was.  Venice is an inspiring magical place.

The Rialto fish market.  We went in search of Italian sushi but didn't end up with any.

in front of Pronto Pesce where we ate lunch.  It was on Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations.

Found out my friend from Paris, Fine artist Augustin Steyer just got into town or the Biennale.  We met up for lunch.

various cornetto (croissant) sandwiches

some kinda fish

baccalà mantecato is creamed dried cod.  good stuff

after seeing the vast Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo many times we're not really phased by much

squid ink pasta ordered by bob.  i told him not to do it because i had to sit across from him.  he did it anyway and look at the results.  puke.

the Mexican Pavilion for the Biennale 2013.  It was like a little game finding all the country's pavilions scattered all about town.

was really really tempted to by this vintage map for something like 80 euros.  I've been wanting some maps and Venice looks crazy on a map.  Maybe i'll find this guy online.... 

Still from this little WiFi search clip.  someone stenciled no wifi on the wall back there and that was the straw that broke the camel's back.  Searching for wifi in Venice is a full time job, and when you have time sensitive work to do it becomes a little frustrating.  Check out the video, it's stupid.  It's also the Raish brother's first shot at acting/directing/DP'ing/Camera Operating.

jasonwifiwhy from Jason Raish on Vimeo.  watch in HD on vimeo, Bob has had enough and says cut while I still had more to give.

There are many cool book stores i've seen in my travels and Libreria Acqua Alta is at the top.  check it out

It connected to what we think was another book shop that was not the same shop but who knows when you're walking around in an italian alice in wonderland dream

The End.  Italy Conclusion time.  Venice was our favorite place of the whole trip.  Even if you're not with the woman/man you love and you're just with your brother who is the worst Venice is still an amazing wonderland.  Filled with tourists its not really bothersome because everyone is on the same chilled out amazing Venizian vibe.  You can find sides streets and side canals off the beaten path.  It truly was a dream.  It was amazing to see the 2,000 year old ruins nestled about in Rome.  The food in Rome was the best on our trip, i can't even imagine what its like when you get out into the rest of Italy.  Italy got us, its definitely a place I look forward to exploring down the line.  The people were friendly, food amazing, culture and pace of life felt good for the soul.  Well done Italy, well done. Ciao for now.