Rome - This Shiz is Pretty Old

Rome is the Capital of Italy and is over 2,500 years old.  It is one of the birthplaces of civilization, and now any a-hole can trounce through it.  come trouncing with the Raish brothers.

"Art in Accommodation" hostel in Rome.  I fail to see the art in this place, it is hands down the worst hostel i've ever stayed at.  I forgot to take pic of that bed with the mattress lifted up.  its like a queen or king sized mattress with a king sized frame around it but when you lift up the mattress there is a full size bedframe inside of the king sized one ,effectively making the sleepable area a full sized bed.  If you roll over at night the matress totally flops down and you fall in the gap between the two bed frames.  The water in the kitchen sink could fill a water bottle in like 5 minutes.  The shower had slight pressure if it was freezing cold but if you wanted a hot shower it was reduced to a trickle.  so you had to search yourself in the bathroom before every shower and ask yourself, hot trickle shower or freezing cold slight water pressure?  there was one tiny window way up by the ceiling that looked out on the elevator shaft.  F this place

some kind of ravioli at some place nearish to the colosseum

pizza with some kind of prosciutto.  Wasn't too impressed with the pizzas in italy actually.  i thought they were gonna change my life.  There was some stuff that did change my life though, you'll see.

the Colosseum.  largest amphitheater in the world.  it's pretty old

it was unseasonably cold in Rome just like the rest of spain and italy and europe at this time.  bad luck for us.  it made trying to imagine being chased by lions and bears and people wanting to watch your face being eaten off a little harder to do especially with the biting winds and rain.  We went home after this so I could finish a project and wait out the rain.  We went out exploring a few hours later.

Colosseum again.  Our hostel was like a 10 minute walk from here so we passed it every day and night.  You could do worse.

what is this ?  don't know

everything is Rome is super old, for example when this guy looks out his apartment window he sees ancient 2000 year old columns.  You could do worse.

on Ponte cestio on Tiber Island

Trastevere area.  Oh what's that up there?

oh nothing, just 3 or possibly more hot Italian female chefs smoking and talking sh!t.  Italy, what a place

not really a Peroni fan but thought when in rome....try a different peroni.  i wish this was the one they have everywhere instead of regular

outside of Freni e Frizioni.  They have free buffet food inside and mostly all cool people

Al Bric was the best food we had in Rome, it's awesome and came recommended by Van Der Kock.  Special treatment, window seats

look at that wine list.  more like wine encyclopedia.  There was a 6,000 euro bottle i remember.  there was probably more expensive in there.

Cacio e Pepe might be the most amazing thing i ate in a long time.  It so simple only 3 ingredients, spaghetti, pecorino romano cheese and cracked black pepper.  Oh my god

wild boar ragu papardelle.  this was a close second.  oh my god.

crema di parmigiano reggiano con tartufo aka parmigiano reggiano cream with black truffles.  it's a melted hot dish!

Colosseum again

people just partying next to thousands of years old ruins.  NBD