Seville - Part 2

The Royal Alcazars of Seville.  A palace that was originally a Moorish fort.  It's the oldest palace still in use in Europe.

I like how Oriental first of all isn't a politically correct word to use, and second how Oriental just means Chino (chinese) in Spain and probably much of the world.  I thought about it some more and thought maybe they're saying it's "Oriental" and from China and if it was from Japan they would have said Japan, but i'm guessing probably not, it's spain.

more of this stuff.  are your eye balls stinging from so much beauty?  Ours were with all these days of back to back intricate muslim decoration.  That's why there are significantly less photos in this post.  I also have to say how Alcazar doesn't even compare to Alhambra in Granada.  Its beautiful yes but is not as massive and awe inspiring at Alhambra.

it does have this going for it though.  the hall of ambassadors

I said bob, give me the good stuff.  and this is what i got.

just some nip squeezing going on inside there.  NBD

Baths of Lady María de Padilla are rainwater tanks

Oh look Alcazar watercolor buddies

lucky snap.  peacocks make these horrible sounding calls to each other.  there were at least 2 of them on the grounds.

bob is not impressed with what was labeled at "labyrinth" on the map.  we back tracked for 15 minutes to find it only to realize that we had already been through here and it wasn't a labyrinth at all.  that's a lot of work when you're already destroyed.

next we walked over to plaza de españa.

they had these things for every region of spain.  or i don't know what the geographic compartmentalizations were but you get the picture.  bob is illustrating it nicely for you.  is that the good stuff bob?

inside Triana Backpackers Hostel.  You might be thinking, why the hostels Jason?  well my entire life is basically a vacation so i don't really have that much money.  and bob is a PHD student so he has 0 money.

the rooftop.  this was the coolest hostel out of the 4 we stayed at.  very social.  we met some frenchies that were studying in madrid

the next day our flight to rome wasn't until late afternoon so we had more than a few hours to wander around.  there's only one photo from this day, which brings up the fact that we stayed in each city for the perfect amount of time.  originally i thought only a day and a half in granada and a day and a half in seville would be too short but these cities are small and you really can see all the major stuff in this time span.  I at least felt like by the time it was time for us to move on that i was ready and through with that city.  The next step, if you spent more time here would be to get to the un touristy stuff which would be rewarding, but for our short schedule we spent the perfect amount of time in every city on our trip.  See you in Rome.