Halloween Tokyo 2010 Gachapin

I don't like to smell my own farts but everyone said my costume was the best. that meant people were taking pictures of me and with me every 3 seconds for a whole night. Sure there are plenty of pics with guys too but who wants to see those? I'm just giving the customer what they want.

Benny didn't photog this very well but i'm riding a giant wave sculpture in Roppongi midtown. Thanks to benny for taking over photography duties or else i wouldn't have any photos to show.

Like every Halloween it was super slutty land with legs, and cleavage everywhere. Cleavage in Japan is a rare treat because for some unknown reason you never see that. Where are all these pictures? I don't know, somehow none of that was captured on my camera :(

Here is gachapin sensei at the front of a classroom full of chinese students who have no idea why i am doing this.

Eun Jung is not ammused. No high fives were recieved that day.

Ogino sensei had to tie my shoes when i left because i couldn't reach them. What a nice mom.

long day at the office. I was also hung over this day too because of a friends birthday party the night before.

Out on the street one the Chinese students is asking me what on earth i'm doing.

All night people had to go into my pockets and pants to give me my wallet and phone because i can't reach them.

People would hit my costume and be laughing and saying Gachapin and punching me in the back, like affectionate punches. Even girls. Usually when you like something you don't punch it or hit it unless you're like in elementary school and you like a girl so you kick her a$$. on 2 separate occasions some meatheads (they were caucasian, wearing tight tees) punched my fake forehead. both times they asked me if they could do it and then they did it. WTF? they asked me! Due to the nature of my costume i'm powerless to do anything about it. the last time it happened i seriously wanted to fight the guy but by the time i got my costume off he was gone off somewhere in the club, and it wouldn't have mattered anyway because he wouldn't even know why i wanted to fight him because just for some reason they want to punch the cardboard forehead, thats why its so weird and a pinch of funny that these retards have some meathead animal urge to punch this green forehead. Anyway this is what i have to go through to bring a little joy to the world. But it was worth it.

check me out getting epic air slapping this tree branch

Some final tidbits:
1. Tons of guys kept saying i would meet tons of girls and get tons of numbers but in the end i'm still a guy in a huge stupid green costume and maybe they can't make the disconnect betwn that visual and the fact that there is a human on the other side of it. So that only happened to a lesser extent.
2. I lucked out and the typhoon that was swirling around earlier that day disappeared. or else i would be wearing a limp soggy piece of cardboard.
3. These kind of costumes definitely are always a crowd pleaser, so if you really want to make an impact, i can recommend this kind. What should i be next year? ideas?
4. I have 3 lumps on my head now, 1 from the taxi accident. and two on the sides where my face went into the head hole. I guess its because somehow i blocked out the pain and wore the thing almost the whole night.
5. Kids are really scared of me when i wear this thing.
6. It was a different experience this time because I was actually in the land where gachapin was created and everyone knows him so he recieved a warm welcome from everyone as opposed to say, Totoro in new york where only a few people know him.
7. Another successful Halloween for the books.
8. never buy a Casio Exilim digital camera, it sucks all around and the battery life sucks really really bad. i don't have a ton of pics because of this.

I can't lie anymore about how much i eat mcdonald's in asia (Beijing and Tokyo). Probably once a week if you count the random 100 yen snack burgers or morning 100 yen breakfast sandwiches. but before you judge me, YOU try eating noodles and rice every day for 2 years and not want to eat mcdonalds. Basically mcdonalds equals cheap satiating rib sticking food that i desperately need in a land where rice burns up in 10 minutes. and besides its different in Japan. take this amazing looking creation for example. thats german sausage under that chicken! Its really pathetic but I was so excited about this but then i found out that it's not that good. :(


Anonymous said...

is gatchacum green? and did you find this out?