Around the Hood

I have been working on some intense projects so I have been locked down to the area around my house since I have basically been working 16 hrs a day for 2 weeks. I managed to get out for some much needed break time though.

My female roomate Aka moved out last week. This is what an empty 6 tatami room looks like.

one of those gross dogs i always saw in china. the face only a mother could love. a wall eyed mother

is the name for this vegetable really the pinyin version in chinese? it is in katakana at least.

these next 3 photos are HDR photos, a new developement in the world of photography. well not really photography because its all post processing with photoshop or some other program like Photomatix that does HDRs. It means High Dynamic Range and it basically can combine photos that are too dark and too light to make a super photo. the jury is still out as to whether HDR photos are super gay or super awesome. Done right they can be super awesome, but usually the are done wrong and are super gay. take my first 3 HDR photos for example.

they allow for super texture that 1 camera shot cant capture.

the last HDR shot. after this it all normal photos.

A fortune telling business. its popular here. you'll see the fortune tellers again later in this post.

this f!uking as#hole again! they took my bike again the one night i unexpectedly took a taxi home instead of riding my bike home. i fulkjokijing hate these guys. in the 2 minutes i was there 2 other guys came in and knew instantly to fill out the forms and pay the 2000 yen and they did so with not even a wimper. SERIOUSLY this is horribly wrong.

land of confiscated bikes.

i eat at this place at least once a week. Matsuya. if there were more sukiyas i would eat at those but there are Matsuyas everywhere so i eat their 250 yen beef rice bowls a lot. they seriously give it to you 30 seconds after you sit down.

my illustrator friend from FIT who's from tokyo had a show and some figure maker guy made 2 of her characters the pro way using molds and stuff. they look amazing!

he's a pancake gorilla.

there is a newspaper delivery company or something across the street from me. so when i'm done working at 5 am in the morning i can hear them starting to zoom across town delivering the papers, because of this the sound of their motors is synonymous with the sound of pain

by my house. I wanted to have a gladiator style duel with Bob on this but i knew that would never fly. but seriously what is this for? If it were up to me it would be for me starting a neighborhood senior citizens band where I play drums and sing on saturday afternoons.

by my house. the USA koin londry.

theys got all kinds a americana up in there.

I went to maybe the sh!ttiest matsuri i've been to in japan when i needed to take a break. The Minato Ku Citizens matsuri. They should call it the Senior citizens matsuri because it was about 80% that. See those women up there? most are over 40 at least, with a few younger weirdos peppered in there. it was gross. If you want to see and hear the Jackson 5 song I want you back in Japanese with dance moves then click the video and cringe.

they had tons of security at this festival, i mean i haven't even seen security at any festival thusfar. They say minato ku is the rich ku (area?). whenever i say where i live people gasp and say i must be rich. maybe that's why there's security because they have a fat festival fund and they need to spend it on something.

this woman's hair was actually orange. she had an orange scarf and orange new balances too. Anyway all the senior citizens' brush paintings, photographs, paintings, etc... were on display, most sucked but it was cute you guys.

i've said on this blog before about how i love children's art and am jealous because once you receive art training you can never go back to this. and this is a beautiful thing, art making in its purest form.

you guys could have been a lot cuter if you were "having zaa bettaa attitude"

i dont know what this guy is but two little girl saw him and said what is that thing 、気持ち悪い, which means anything from bad feelings to unpleasant, to revolting. so i thought it was pretty funny. at this point i have also been in my room drawing for 2 weeks straight.

fortune tellers. a whole tent full. is this what you get when your country doesn't really have a god?

random smoking tents.

another example of space crunching in japan. theres like an inch of clearance on both sides so thats why the walls are all crunked up.