Before halloween

So I did do the all you can eat Whopper thing the day after the marathon. My goal was 4 whoppers but i only got to 3. There is a 30 minute time limit and it take time to order new whoppers and have them bring it to you so it is impossible to get 4 whoppers unless you're a proffesional. Yes for everyone saying that was a stupid idea, yes, yes it was. i felt super gross afterwards. all that mayonnaise and ketchup filling all the nooks and crannies in my stomach. Yummm

My new class is like 20 chinese kids around 20 yrs old, 1 nigerian guy, 1 korean girl, 1 french girl, and Alan who is chinese american and can speak mandarin with all the chinese kids. Its basically like China in the classroom now. Everyone is always talking loudly in chinese, eating, listening to their ipods, etc... Our teacher is too nice of a guy to lay down the law. Def not a good learning situation. Anyway they actually organized a karaoke session which is different because my old class never organized anything. They didn't drink anything which is amazing and sad. how can you sing karaoke without a drink? all those drinks on the table are soft drinks

I made my own shoes. It took like 6 hours. it took a lot longer to get the pattern right, and find the materials.

this is after wearing it for a couple days because i forgot to take a pic of the final product. Maybe they would last a month before being completely destroyed. My sewing game is not that tight. Anyway I'm gonna try to make more. I don't know about the US but in Japan everyone is wearing this style of shoe.

I met my neighbors for a drink at this cool old place around the corner from us.

One last sangria picnic in yoyogi park before it got cold. Yoon Nam style with a touch of pineapple juice.

Everyone had bubbles. even the girls below had bubbles. I was thinking that's pretty gay and then my friend pulled out bubbles. I was obligated to try, and then I was making bubbles and feeling super gay and liking it. Bubbles are cool. I'm just sayin'

they had incense too. I guess this is why parks are cool, cuz you can sit around and try to figure out what peoples' deals are.

Our school made us all go to this Student technical school/art school/beauty school/etc... "festival" in ikebukuro. It sucked real bad. On the way i saw the confiscated bike truck. F'ing a-holes I hate them!

The bolt cutters. f'ing a-holes. I always wondered what they did about bike that were locked to the railing, but i guess they just cut the locks. locks are f'ing expensive a-holes!

the whole thing was really gay. they had these game stations too so that made it even worse. ring toss.

planning for my halloween costume. Gachapin is what i was last year, i wore that store bought suit cuz i didnt have time to make a costume and just arrived in Japan. Gachapin is a children's show character who is super skilled at everything including skydiving, skateboarding, break dancing, water skiiing, etc...

I found a box near my house on my first try. I wish It was a lot bigger because This is the smallest cardboard japanese cartoon costume thus far. I guess its ok because Japan is smaller and its pretty crazy trying to get this thing on a rush hour train!

it took about 6 hours to make this thing. back hurtin'

but i think the results were worth it!

my roomates wide angle lense is pretty awesome. he has the exact same camera as me but has this $750 wide angle lens and some other ones too.

yea i wish it was as big as the ones in the past.

my old teacher Ogino sensei. she had to tie my shoes for me too when i left because i couldn't reach them. I went to school today wearing this. Its even funnier because my school is like 80% chinese and chinese people don't know about halloween so I heard reports of all the chinese people asking what i was doing and what's wrong with me. They thought i'm just a big pervert weirdo that came to school like that for no reason. hahahah. I mean i was the only person who came wearing a costume at all and probably like 1 of 20 people that even know what Halloween is. so you can imagine their surprise.

one of my rotating teachers that you've seen here before, Hashimoto sensei. And i have to say it is super super hot wearing that polyester suit.

my new sensei on the right top, renee from ny on the right, my old sensei on my left, Kaire-san from shanghai with the orange hair and my two old korean classmates.

some japanese girl looked up and saw me and jumped two feet in the air and then ran by all angry like but her friend was laughing and said hello. That's basically the reaction i get when i'm not wearing a costume. I make babies cry.

See you on Halloween! Gachapin is goin' dancin'


Anonymous said...

i like you costum. That Alan guy looks lik a tool

Ale said...

Great blog... and fantastic costum!!
I studied in the same school, in the same period of you. We never tolk togheter, just see.

I was in the same class of the 2 girls in the karaoke's photos :) They didn' t drink anything? I'm not surprised.

I' ll follow to read and WATCH your blog ;)