1 Year in Tokyo Anniversary - last day of 中級1

today, October 1st, marks the day that i have officially lived in Tokyo for 1 year. My goal/dream was to live here for a year. what do you do after you've reached your goal/dream? I guess you just get a new one. I celebrated this monumental occasion by working all day and night. I am in a period again where I have so many illustrations to do that i don't know how i'm gonna get them done. 15 to be exact. I will be here for another 6 months i think and afterwards i'm thinking about Hong Kong or Shanghai. I would prefer Hong Kong though. Here are pictures from the last day of my level 3 japanese class. This means i have studied Japanese here for 9 months. Actually with all the vacations it's only like 6.5 months. 4 of our teachers came for a drinking and karaoke party.

my japanese class textbook

on the way to school. 2 train lines run by the windows of our classroom, 1 runs exactly at window height on the 2nd floor.

Hashimoto sensei is awesome to draw. here is a good profile shot

Sukaya-san from Thailand, Tran-san from Vietnam, and my friend Hiroko from japan

Eguchi sensei

I like this double shot combo of Ogino sensei. It shows a part of her personality that we don't really see that much of in class. She taught Japanese in Korea for 5 years.

this waiter was awesome. I wish i got a full profile shot of the back of his head. He looks like one of my drawings. can you find a better american style japanese nerd?

Sumos from the Karaoke room next to our room. I read that they MUST wear those Yukatas, even in the winter time. Their hair has to be in top knots like that too.

old classmate pawan from nepal

why do they airbrush so many karaoke rooms like this? why?