May Steps Out

this girl a few booths down from us that had the bondage manequin was tying these all day. I asked how much they were and she said they were free! she could be selling these but she was giving them away for free. she wasn't even selling anything or had a website. she was just being a weirdo.

it even has a back! Fumiko absolutely hated this thing. i put it under the table so if she was talking to a visitor in our booth i would lift the table cloth a little so he would poke out a little and she would get so mad later.

the Design Festa aftermath.

Took a ride to Shinagawa Seaside, which is below shinagawa and to the right a little. its by the sea i guess. there were lots of canal/rivers or watever along the way. i love the east side of tokyo. exploring by bike is an awesome thing and me and bob are gonna do it.

this is awesome. i dont know what goes though this pipe but i know that this pipe goes through someones house!

went to an opening at Pater's Gallery that specializes in illustration. Louise from Brittain is going to Tama Art University and is getting her masters in illustration. they even have a PHD in illustration there! crazy. anyway Louise invited us to come to this. Fumiko got to talk to some people but i can only speak japanese to 2 year olds so i couldn't do anything.

next to pater's is a good example of limited space in japan. there was 0 millimeters of clearance here.

the chinese phone i inherited from my aunt is chines'ing out and the battery lasts only 10 minutes so now i have to hold the hold charging base to my head to talk to people.

they make all these jelly drinks now. jelly coffee, here is jelly cola. i don't mind it so much. others hate it. do not drink this if you want your thirst quenched though. I mean come on, you're drinking jelly guy.

limited space example #2 for today. this name stamp store is so small they have to put the roof tiles on vertically. its not fooling me though. i know there is no roof.

Korean classmates on the ends, chinese classmate in the middle. all 3 hate the sun, and all of us were hating them. it was a perfect sunny day after class in the park but they made us all sit in the shade. And if you didn't know lots of asian women hate the sun and use UV umbrellas and cover up. i even hear girls at the beach here will be in swimsuits but then full clothing.

nakano arcade. tons of cool stores, weird store, manga, antiques, old american crap, cosplay costumes, clothes, porn, video games, etc... otaku stuff. these are japanese idol cards.

this classic chewbacca figure was $500

gun models.

this plastic bra and panty bubble pack is $50. i presume they are for figurines.

a ladies only manga store specializing in "boy's love" comics.

i dont even want to tell you where this is because i want it to stay my little semi secret so people don't go there and ruin. but its the best place to enjoy a relaxing summertime drink. bob and parents we are coming here! anyway it is part of the Meiji Jingu garden grounds or something like that and is super nice and there are traditional dance and music performances performed by women in kimonos.

and their little drinking dish that day was beef jerky and real raisins still on the branch!

afterwards our night out was derailed by this place. the most food i have ever eaten in japan. its at the bottom of the love hotel hill in shibuya. their donburi bowls are like more the 2 servings of food. a bowl of japanese fried chicken and rice piled so high you can't eat it without tipping it over is only $7. i forgot to take a picture of these massive bowls. here is a self serve miso soup machine. you're only supposed to press the button once but JP pressed it twice and got scalded with soup and then immediately opened the bathroom door on some guy and then shortly after had all of his raw egg bounce off the huge food pile bowl onto the table. laughter aplenty. anyway bob we will come here on one of those days where we say we are so hungry we could eat a whole baby. after eating here we didnt want to drink, we just went home and slumbered.

one of the most pointless days of school. earthquake day. we were supposed to learn about wat to do when there is an earthquake. we didn't. aren't we supposed to learn where to meet everyone after the earthquake? we were all split into groups. this is my group. The Korean girls all violently protested their pictures being taken.

have i written about the desks at our school? you cant even put your elbow on it without it flipping over. anyway you're supposed to get under your desk when theres an earthquake. its impossible here and seems more hazardous because these things are always falling over.

Eun Jung and her UV umbrella.

picture does not do it justice. its called the "Midget II". it looked like it was a super slim van cut in half.

harajuku next to the beams stores.