Tanuki Mura

Tanuki Mura (Tanuki Village) is in Shiga prefecture next to Mie prefecture. The area is really called shigaraki and is famous for its pottery, including all those tanuki statues you see everywhere in Japan. The website is pretty cool too.


Tanukis are mythical Japanese creatures that have the ability to shapeshift and turn into anything they want basically. They are mischevious, love to party and drink. They can often be seen with sake and their unpaid bills in hand. They also have big magical balls. They are awesome.

ninja tanukis

not tanukis


fumikas parents

we ate tanuki udon inside this tanuki

a tanuki sac bigger than fumika

this was too good to pass up.

i bought one of these tanuki bowls.

some shots from fumika's little town called heizu

huge koinobori

fumika's mom's cooking. this is one of the best parts about going to her house. Here is some grilled eggplant, buri aka yellowtail, some kind of sweet spinach, squid, rice, oyster miso soup and a shrimp salad. awesome.

if you know what this is you are a dork. Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion drink bottle.


Unknown said...

Hi, I am trying to locate Heizu Village on a map. No luck.
Was it once called Hiratsumura?