Design Festa 2010 Spring - Day 2

"My Darling is a Foreigner" i wonder how this movie is received here.

My teacher Eguchi sensei on the left and a guy who is a grown man who's wife lets him walk around in a middle school girls uniform by her side.

i saw a guy in panda make up near this thing too. I didnt see what happened next. acutally there aren't that many pictures because i didnt have time to look around that much cuz i had to stay in my booth.

the girl with the rubber ducky gag ball in a swimsuit all day.

this girl Makoto was across from us and was all tuckered out.

how freaky are these things? its suspected that some or all of them were men too. they even had fake legs.

Marco said that this man/woman was singing the song from Laputa(Castle in the sky), the Miyazaki movie, really badly all day long in a booth near them.

space is tight in the booths. these girls had to sit like this with their skulls crushed behind this table all day long for 10 hrs.

its easy to forget that tokyo is by the sea. right behind here is the harbor. anyway Tokyo Big Sight is humongous. So my final verdict is that Design Festa is awesome and super recommended as a spectator but being in it sucks because you dont get to see anything being shackled to your booth.