Design Festa 2010 Spring - Day 1

Design festa is the biggest art event in asia with over 2000 booths full of cool art, illustration, painting, design, crafts, clothing, jewelery, live painting, music, performances, weirdos, cosplay, and weirdos. its super fun and i recommend it for anyone in tokyo at the time. they have it a few times a year. I rented a booth with my friend Fumiko aka Fumi Koala, my old Illustration class buddy from FIT.

night before. got 3 hrs of sleep. had to print so much stuff and prepare so much crap. i dont know if i would do this again. there are so many things you have to think about and so much money you have to spend. renting the space costs like $380 for both saturday and sunday. renting the walls costs like $260!!!! electricity costs $75!!! and then you have all your ink and paper and other costs.

tokyo big sight looks crazy. its huge. like jacob javitts center size

fumikos dad came at 8 am in the morning to help her and then just dissapeared with the job was done.

outside wall of the booth. thats fumikos huge bird apartment painting.

girl next to us was tying these s and m things all day. she had like 5 little paintings on the wall. one of many many many booths that leave me scratching my head and asking why they paid $600 to be here for two days.

i love this guys naive paitings.

my classmate from spain rented a booth too. Marco Pardo

Chihiro was there too. she drew my friend Salih

and jennifer

her artist name is Carapapa. which means potato face in spanish. previously we saw a real life japanese carapapa at an izakaya

this guy was just drinking sake out of a bottle whilst walking around.

this girl was in a swimsuit all day which is cool, but then she turns around and looks 15 with a rubber duckie gag ball in her mouth. there was a website and i went to it and it looks like maybe its a website for a fetish photographer? another head scratcher

some building on meiji dori in shibuya across the street from the taito game station. its pretty cool to see all the various establishments through the core of the building.

it was a meeting of old FIT japanese buddies. Fumika, Yuri and Shunta were all roomates on 18th street in chelsea in NY. Vivi was my roomate on 52nd st. there were also a few other from fit there as well. Shunta is a funny guy who gets super drunk and falls asleep all the time. he had these and said if you take these you are guaranteed no hangover the next day. I don't know if thats true or not cuz i made sure i didnt drink too much because of design festa again the next day. im sure they dont work though.

you gotta love these girls fumika and yuri

i can walk home from shibuya. the liquid room in ebisu is on the way.