After Golden Week

this is the big famous omiyage (souviener) to get from Mie prefecture where fumika lives. could it look grosser? anyway its just rice cake with sweet redbeans inside so it tastes good. one of the 5,000 ways to have ricecake and redbeans. it's expensive just like all omiyage

tankuki statue #1

tanuki statute #2. this one is pretty different. looks like its for a big candle or mosquito coil. look at his cute micro balls.

this tanuki bowl is so heavy. i guess bob is gonna have to take this back with him

tokyo midtown "park" so tiny but ill take any plot of well kept grass i can get. especially in this city.

Ghetto Happy Dining. smack in the middle of center gai in shibuya. i read online that they had 1800 yen all you can drink for 2 hrs. it ended up being 2500 yen. the name is awesome.

they even had ghetto lan wifi

and the interior design looks like it was designed by a 16 year old me complete with disco ball and crappy hiphop cds

"legendary karaage (fried chicken)" the picture doesnt do justice to this huge pile of huge fried chicken. basically friend chicken breasts that seam like they are double fried. a welcome sight in a country where everything is in moderation.

Kanda matsuri. its one of the 3 biggest matsuri in japan, except for only on odd years, this year is an even year so it is super small and dissapointing. on the big years there are like 200 of these mikoshi paraded around.

the music is pretty dope. its almost like hiphop music

do i need to say anything? you can make your own caption depending on your taste here

mikoshi, a portable shrine. they say shaking it will bring good luck so people bounce these things up and down like crazy. it helps that they have been drinking all day too. and i guess you would have to have been because it looks super heavy and uncomfortable as you can see below.

a cat fish with a goiter maybe?

this guy was shooting with real movie film


the bouncing of the mikoshi, down the street for hours and hours.

design festa preparations. my roomate has teh Epson 3500C which is the japanese version of the Epson 1280, the same printer i had in NY. these models are like 12 yrs old. the old gal did the job though.


David Gonzalez said...

I doubt they have this in japan, but your karaage picture reminded me of this:
and how ridiculous we americans can be