Debbie and Salih Part 1

Debbie and Salih came to visit. Salih for 5 days Debbie for 9. lots of pics to follow.

they werent here for the first few pics. huge kite at this kite shop in houhai

i finally rode one of those double decker buses.

worker housing near where i live. not very nice inside

Salih has this Canon 50D mark II camera this is like $2,500 dollars and a fixed lens that takes amazing photos. the focal length is super sensitive so it takes very arty shots, especially of food. so any good shots you see are taken by his camera.

there was a moment where nana was saying we ordered beef and there wasnt any in there and they were saying yes there was and this guy the chef came upstairs to the roof even to show us. he had a rad mullet.

playing chinese dice drinking game

one of qq's friends with the card tricks. magic looks like its getting popular here or it has been.

the sun came up and we were eatin' xiao long bao, well except salih he can't eat pork.

they're hotel. real real close to nan luo gu xiang where my parents stayed

hot pot for lunch. check out the shots from salih's cam

debbie brought me some good old american stuff, spam and heinz (real heintz no the chinese excuse)

and the camera i ordered cuz the old one has tons of dust and stuff inside the lens. UPGRADE! 7mp to 12mp now. antishake and more features. i have to say it is a little better than the old one.

and smoke alarms! the only thing is there are no fire escapes in Beijing, or china as far as i have seen. so at least i will be awoken and know when i am being asphixiated as opposed to just "sleeping through and eternal nap"

outside debbies room's window. an army of basketballers in training.

home made rim protectors are common. but i just noticed the little hanging devices they made on them.

gross dried up sausages at the convenience store just like at home.

something about the H1N1 swine flu. debbie and salih got stuck on the plane for an hr because of it. they caught someone on their flight

that yogurt like dessert thing that everyone is always waiting in line for except we went next door cuz i think it is pretty similar.

the good ol' street

i don't see the disgusting frizzled out haircut that looks like you have a chow chow on your head here. it's a popular one too

this is a popular shirt. it says gong bao ji ding, or kung pao chicken, which is what i eat a bunch of times a week.

these would be cool to have, the guys on the corners of the roofs at the forbidden city.

sundail at the forbideen city

top of jing shan park overlooking the forbidden city

it started raining. it was awesome. getting a taxi was impossible.

they loved it and they loved me.

and then i decided we were all gonna squeeze into one of these. its only for 2 people.

it was rad and my legs needed to be amputated. but we got out of the rain for a while. what a mini adventure

a prime example of salih's cams food shots. i think i imported this RAW CR2 file from his camera wrong because a lot of the shots are really dark and i don't remember them being that way. but im not gonna do it again cuz it took like 6 hrs to do them all.

the chartruse chopsticks looked cool in these shots


street urchins in sanlitun. probably scored a good amount of money for their boss so they finally get a stick of meat for their troubles

i think all the girls you see on the street here that look like hookers are not, they are real girls. people know where to go for the hookers. the shops with the pink lights. anyway i definitely don't have a problem with their fashions though!

salih met some of the rare brothers in beijing, albiet straight from Africa African brothers as opposed to African Americans, you will be hard pressed to find them.

debbie said she saw the face of jesus on my sleeve which is from the walls in my stairwell that are covered with probably asbestos dust and or lead
the oh sh!t this is GOOOOOOD face.