Moving to a new Pad

The time finally has come. My aunt and I are moving out of the suburbs and into the heart of the city. The central business district (CBD) to be exact. but before that, there is moving required. this time it was easy because I already threw away or gave away most of my precious precious earthly belongings back in New York 3 months ago. I did inherit a lot of stuff from my aunt though.

such as this alchohol. we've got a bottle of grey goose, gordons gin, a bottle of dewars, two bottles of wine, lots of tonic and soda water, and a lot of beer. This is a good start for a housewarming party.

move out day

my aunt's driver from the washington post. this is at terminal 3 at the airport. the worlds largest. anyway he stopped about 5 times on the way back to take photos. i was suprised to see he had a nikon d40 digi cam. this is one of the rare blue sky days in beijing so i guess i don't blame him for taking these liberties.

again with the pictures

he has a rare olympic permit that allows him to drive into the olympic venues and also on the olympic lane and zoom past all this traffic.

this old chinese artist is 88 years old and i was into his work and then a guy came and said stop taking pictures. he's famous in the chinese art world. this was at a mall

a nice and tall vodka tonic (at least double the size of a new york vodka tonic) is 25 rmb or $3.50 at this one bar i go to a lot.

area off the main street near where i live

this is the super ghetto. it is near my old house in the suburbs, where there are super ghettos villages all over the place.

wanjing. lots of construction of condos here. near where i used to live in the suburbs. i dont know what you call this because it is turning into not the suburbs

the view from my taiwanese friend ryans apt.

this is a dryer. comes with this stand as well. weird

he has this dog that they trained to jump through this hula hoop amongst other tricks.

lucky for me he had an extra KFC sweatband lying around

guess where this is? beijing! we tried to go to this park that he knew except it has turned into a corn field

we went to the arcade. i haven't seen that many here in beijing. actually this is the only one, and i had to request to be taken here. they had super mario kart 2! i also got really into playing initial D and some other car game. of course i got into this drum game they had. of course i got sweaty. of course it heightened my unattractiveness.

it's ok because it's in china. that makes it PC