Sayonara Hiroko

my friend hiroko decided to go back to tokyo after her japanese school kept sucking. she will probably go back to being an art buyer. Too bad shes not in beijing but at least i have another friend in tokyo now.

she got a hair cut that looked the same as when she went in.

in front of mix or vics i forget which they are both hip hop clubs across the parking lot from each other.

we randomly met some brits walking down the street and ended up going to the russian area with them and going to this club/bar. they had little shows on stage. they said all the girls were cuban because they met them outside once before. they even had vegas style scantily clad dancers which i forgot to take pics of. a weird experience

by chance the angle of this spot light looks like the moon is shining down a beam of light onto some apartment.

this place is kind of like hell for me. all foreign yuppy like folks. its the street next to my house with all the western food restaurants. all of which have dissapointed.

Here at "Mississppi" i found an old rifle sitting next to the fire place

this is what they call a bacon cheese burger. they wrapped on peice of bacon into a circle and tried to pass it off like that. I was not having that wanted no less that 3 pieces on my bacon cheeseburger, its only proper. they had to ask their manager to give me 2 more pieces of bacon, all of which was barely cooked and wouldnt pass as bacon in the USA

this is the western breakfast at the cantonese restaurant by my house. the oatmeal was like lumpy water and the give you a store bought roll. ill stick with their chinese breakfast its a lot better

we tried this kung pao chicken pizza, dissapointing. it was just a cheesy mess.

i thought these birch wood pillars were pretty cool

i'm delighted to introduce two new members to my bu lao hu family. the white one is the most expensive one i have purchased so far at about $12

this one was about $1.40

this thing is next to the regular toilet in one of the bathrooms in my apt. what is this? can some one help me out here?

never noticed these cameras on the train before

this is awesome. there is a chuar stand near by (kabobs) and this is what happpens. i think that it is funny because obviously many many people had to have the same thought to shove their chuar sticks into this grill. super sanitary. just like all the people i see that take their garbage cans and dump them directly onto the sidewalk, no bags wasted if you just dump it right onto the street!

in xidan we discovered this korean kim bap place. it was pretty good. this one had like 20 things rolled inside it.

how awesome are these two? it looked like the mom kept yelling at him for eating yet she just kept producing items of food from her bag to give to him. he also had food stuffed in his bag.

my 3 month chinese class is over. if i had time to study outside of class i would be pretty ok now. but i didnt try that hard to make time. i wish i could kick my own a$$

my neck got cranked up somehow so i thought maybe i should try the massage thing again. didnt work. hurt so much. bob knows my pain. at some points you want to yelp like a little school girl because they are just stabbing your back over and over again. no more massages for me.

the bathroom at cafe zara. first you see this and then when you are weeing you hear meowing. and you look up and see...

this disgusting thing. there were a bunch of cats howling for someone to let them in. i hate cats. if i let this disgusting hepetitis filled fur bags in they would have immediately attacked me and wee'd on my face. i hate cats.


Anonymous said...

Your "rifle" at the Mississippi or where ever you were is not a rifle it is a flintlock musket. It is also a toy due to the size, they were like 6 feet long and like 15 to 20 pounds. for the place in time that the toy musket was representing, rifles had not been invented yet.

Yes this is Richard from FIT Library

Jason Raish said...

thanks for raining on my parade richard. thanks a lot