The Temple of Heaven and the Gauntlet of Chinese Weirdos

I rode my bike for about 20 min to the temple of heaven. the people watching was simply off the hook on this day. if i had known what was waiting for me at the temple of heaven i would have gone months ago. in order to get to the actual temple you must pass through the gauntlet of old chinese weirdos which is a long twisty corridor filled with older chinese people doing everything from playing cards to dancing to really horrible chinese techno music, to really horrible karaoke. i'm talking people your mom's age up to grandmas age. lets have a look.......

it is usually painful to watch people in beijing playing sports/leisure activities because they are usually so g-damn bad at it. it burns my eyes to watch people slap a badmitton back and for a few times before one of them slaps it onto the ground, and no one uses nets! its also painful to watch them play with this feather/hacky sack things. it hurts me physically to watch.

everything seems in order here, ok at the temple of heaven playing traditional chinese instruments. but then what is that horrible screeeeeeching sound?............

bam! it's mr. and mrs. liu/wang/zhang/watever who took it upon themselves to help us all enjoy the sunny weather by bringing their karaoke machine to the temple of heaven. complete with horrible speakers and feedback

these guys could actually keep this feather hacky sack thing going for a while and were singing along to the song the woman above was singing, she was in their crew it seemed but was the MC

these gals were slicing up the floor to chinese techno. it was an awesome sight

on a scale of 1 to weirdo these guys are rated weirdo.


this is probably where some mid sized animal like a goat got its throught slit for some sacrafice to the heavens

lets just not tell that to this cute little girl who looks like the chinese patty mayonaise (you know doug's girl friend from the cartoon show on nickelodeon called "Doug")

i am absolutely devastated to have to tell you that these people are korean, and are like as old as your dad but dressing like tweens or younger. the woman below is korean also. i am ashamed.

this girl knew that she had a date today and knew that she had to wear something that really flattered her figure. i think she succeeded really well.

this is one of the rare fat people in beijing. check it out.

this woman looks like she would rip your balls off and wager them in a game of mahjong and lose and then flip over the mahjong table and beat up everyone of the housewives in the game for calling her a chinese tina turner/madmax womanman. the vest is really turning me on.

ha! got you

a sacrafice pit. i think it said a lamb would be sacraficed in there at sacrificin' time

come to think of it i can't remember seeing any pigeons in china

would you believe that this picture is not from spring break cancun 2008 and that it's actually september 2008 beijing?

ha! got you!

i rode by the huge toystore accidentally on the way home (the one i mentioned a while ago that me and bob went to and he didnt know it was a toystore and he was super miffed when he found out it was) and went in to try and fine more tiger toys but only found these disgusting cat things

this place by my house has a mcdonalds like set up and its about 2-3 dollars for a large meal. i always ask to substitute coca cola for a nice glass of soy milk, at least thats what i think it is.