Another Summer in Paris - Part 4

the moutarde pickles tasted artificial but they're not so bad.  the Biscroks are decent with some salt and truffle oil.

Canal St Martin with the crew

Canal St Martin
dinner with the illustration crew.  Nicolas Delort lives here, Lily Padula and Natalie Andrewson are visiting.  #youcankeepicon8illtakeparis  only illustrators would get this, there was a big illustration conference called Icon 8 this week and we were all in paris instead of in Portland 

the Louvre the biggest and most famous museum in the world and there are tons of picnickers  

that there is a giant couch surfers party, yea like the website

and late into the night the lawns in front of the Louvre are still packed, now with lots of drunks and people p!ssing in the hedges.

These two brothers from Canada, Mario and Matei have this sweet deal where they live in the courtyard that houses the two windmills on Montmartre and the guy that owns their apartment keeps all his paintings there so its like a mini museum


the bathroom at Le Caroubier, a Moroccan restaurant at the bottom of the 14th

Le Select, on of Hemmingway's hangouts.  They also have a big cat that hangs out

just making deliveries

found in our mailbox:  "I'm a landscaping student and I offer my services to maintain your garden"

baguettes are my favorite thing and dog poo is my least favorite thing about Paris.  This was a cut down tree stump thing for years and a hotbed for dog poo.  They just put this thing in and the next day there was a dog poo in it!!!!!  Now it is just a bigger uglier stomping ground for dog poo.  Sham on your Paris, really shame on you.  Sh!ts in front of my door, Sh!ts everywhere.