Seville - Part 1

Seville is the capital and largest city in Andalusia with a municiple population of 700,000

8am in granada waiting for the train to Seville.  one last look at the Sierra Nevadas

Triana Backpacker's Hostel is on the Triana side of Seville.  Keep in mind that bob is an insomniac and can't sleep and is destroyed for the whole trip.

but there is no time for that bob when there is this going on outside!

Seville Cathedral

Palace Garden

salmorejo from some upper scale tapas place, can't remember the name.

can't remember what it is, was amazing though

all i remember is it was some different kind of meat cuz we chose it for that

garbage can

lots of tea out in the open

Horchata, is not from seville but we had to have some

super sweet

Metropol Parasol

what a nice young man

went to check out the kayaks.

Flamenco show at La Casa de la memoria.  What an experience!  first off flamenco guitar is super hard to  do.  Didn't know there was an MC of sorts who sings, and runs the pace of everything, and claps which enables an insane combination of counter-claps and stomps so the music and rhythm can reach a feverish insane speed and intensity.  the dancers are professional finger snappers, twirlers, stompers, etc...  The floor is probably designed to amplify every stomp.  what a show!

you're cute and all bob but this photo is all about the tiles at bar estrella.

can't remember and can't remember.  maybe some kind of mushroom on the left and standard jamon serano on the right?

some kind of meatball