One Last Day in Granada

One last day in Granada, part of it spent in the cathedral but most of it spent in Albayzin

it was time for bob to try paella, it's not from granada but is from spain.  we just picked a random place.  this one was not so good bob sorry.

inside the Catedral de Granada.  check out those pipes on her!

I like how the floor tiles are so old they are wavy.

the most ornate sheet music i've ever seen

bob really wanted this photo of these cacti.

this ceramic plate stuff is everywhere.  i wanted to get one but i guess that didnt happen.

in the exploratory mood we sought to go as high as possible.  some kind of crazy tall plant on the right.

people dug out cave home on this hill in Albayzin.  a few of them were pretty pimpin' but most of them were kind of sad.  But they're living off the grid.

Alhambra from the grottos of albayzin

bob really wanted this photo of the chorizo, beer and alhambra in one shot.

probably the best photo of bob you'll ever see

a parting shot of Albayzin.  Dream Spain, a great place to explore with no itinerary.  After this me and bob bought stuff to make super bocadillos and ended up eating them in bed, thusly sealing our fate.  we couldn't move after that.  So final thoughts on Granada:  Alhambra had too much beautiful stuff.  Albayzin is the Spain of your dreams.  The free tapas thing is awesome, it's not like a feast of food and drink like I imagined it but it adds up if you do it for hours.  If you go exploring you will be rewarded.  make sure you wear super comfortable and cushioning footwear because the streets are not playing around with their razor cobble stones.  Granada is definitely a great place to get away to, i don't think i could live here because I need city stuff but for a few days it's a dream come true.