New York Get Summered

After 2 months of traveling Europe with Yoon and then Bob the traveling continues in USA.  I went to new york for 3 weeks for 2 weddings and to see family and friends.  I also got a little more than I bargained for...

how do you know you're in williamsburg?  Artistic conundrum here.  I cropped in close so you could see the tattoos more but now that i think about it I shouldn't have because you would be able to see that she's in her jogging gear which says a little more.  The tatoos-the jogging gear, the rebellion-the responsibility/staying healthy.  The Williamsburg.

this skate park didn't exist when i skated

this Vampire Weekend album is decent I guess.  they do have that song "Step" which is like their love song to New York, and it would soon apply to my life as well.

went to visit Code and Theory, a design agency next to Prada in Soho.  I worked on an illustration for Snapple with them.  My old FIT friend Hannah works there and she showed me around. The place was huge.  This library was left there because it was took expensive to move all the books.  She said Michael Cera was in there last week scouting the location for a film project.

interesting that the 5 languages for this MTA saftey announcment are: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.  Guess you know what the biggest ethnic populations in NYC are now.

this dude is gettin' summered like a ma lova'.

my friend mel's wedding was to have a 1920's Great Gatsby themed night so I got bob this awesome fox and hounds ascot

oh look its my old buddy Justin Chon the actor.  He was in new york shooting a film about chinese gangsters in flushing for the director that directed the original "Infernal Affairs" movies that Scorcese basically copied for his movie "The Departed".  Scorcese is a producer for this film.  His movie that he starred in, "21 and Over" just came out and i saw ads for it around.  We'll be seeing more J. Chon soon.

Dolce Vita (shoe brand) summer party in the Puck Building in Soho.  I guess they're ok with all their display models getting destroyed as everyone gets sloshed at the free open bar

from James Chang's back window on grand street in williamsburg.  Get Summered is James and his buddies little fun project.  They do events and film screenings and cool guy williamsburg style stuff check them out this summer:

Hells Angels New York City

Justin Chon again

director told him he had to lose even more weight

foo or fu or eff you or whatever you want to call him

this looks like a screen cap from a video game but its just somewhere around orchard street.

looks like a NYC pagoda of sorts, an urban pagoda