Connecticut Adventure Boyzzzz

The Connecticut Adventures Boyz: Derek, Adam, Steven, and Jason go on an adventure in Sharon, CT 
old school film editing machine
2 Vanagons in bubbles NBD

into the void segway from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
The stable of moto bikes has grown since last time.
who has what motorcycle endorsements is questionable so this was an outlaw bikeride to some mountain area Derek knew about that people dirt bike up and down.  It's gully and rocky and any one of us could have gotten very very injured at any point and amazingly that didn't happen.  The speedometer said 60mph if you maxed it out which I did, Derek said they may or may not be accurate so I may or may not have been doing 60 on the open road but if so then it seems very slow when your'e on a bike. I flew off the bike twice this trip into the high grass course around the house.  We all ate it on the segways at some point even Derek. Cheers to Derek for outfitting us all on an adrenaline rushing adventure

it was also Adams first time on a moto bike.  After this we went picked up Kimie from the train station, de-adrenelized in the pool, drank many beers and BBQ'd up some food, enjoyed a super blood moon and many laughs.
modern segway wizard from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
taken through a pair of binoculars with my phone

the next day I finally convinced everyone to tackle the mountain in front of Jill and Derek's house despite there being no trail or promise of a good time.  There ended up being a trail for some of the way, then it was bushwhacking from there on out.
There was a plot of land that looks private but Derek said its actually public or at least access to the trailhead is public.  The Hoof, Foot and Ski Trail

bushwhacking.  In the end the hike wasn't bad at all and it was awesome to do a hike that no one has ever done before.
Machete timelapse from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

the goal was to scale the mountain and come back down at Mudge Pond where we'd swim at Sharon town beach and Derek would pick us up and it was a success!

Plan Bee brewery is back in action and opened up a barn tasting room and has great beer.  After this we made it back to Park Slope, parked the car, went to Buttermilk bar and ordered mexican food that took forever to come. I guess thus is metropolis.  What a great adventure time weekend with the Connecticut Adventure Boyzzzz.