Callumz First Birthday

After Ai's wedding it was back down to SF and Oakland for Callum's first birthday party

a dream achieved, a box full of pastries from Tartine, Chad Robertson's bakery (featured in Michael Pollan's book).  Not pictured, a huge country loaf of bread!  This is like $50 worth of stuff.  All of it was the bomb except for that vegan lemon cake (which I was against getting)

the Mission Delores park cops look like they can really get in there and beat ass.  Not pictured, a long wooden stick mounted on the other side of the bike used for beating.

If I lived in SF I think a box full of stuff from Tartine down the street and a sesh at Mission Delores park would be a pretty sweet way to spend an afternoon.

look at the ear on this country loaf

check out that interior crumb!

the human version of the Homeward Bound DVD cover, staring Ellen and Kelly.

Ellen, the moon, what else could you want?

BBQing tons of Korean meat at the Roberts Regional Recreation Area for Callum's bday

stripes are in.

Jeff and child.

oh you like that buddy?

Korean 1st birthday ceremonial foods pretty much.  We looked for bananas and they had to be absolutely perfect or each spot would be like a hex on the child's life or something.  We didn't end up finding perfect bananas.

You guys he doesn't like it guys.

he had several objects laid out in front of him representing different profession and whatever he grabs first is what he will become.  Here he has grabbed a music note toy and he grabbed a pencil before the real thing started.  So I guess he will be a singer songwriter.

don't become an artist dude.

Mike didin't like his portrait

more ellen please

measuring wing spans, Jeff's arms are still longer than mine, I guess I haven't grown any.

The east coast needs to get on the Flamin' Hot train.  I have recently seen that Flamin' Hot Funyuns have made it to NY.

Dinner at Burma Superstar in Oakland.  Their tealeaf salad is the bomb.

their kabocha pork stew was amazing, I have to try to make it.  There's probably a pound of butter melted in there.

before our flight, a journey to Tartine Manufactory, another location in the Mission district.  On the way we saw drugs being sold right outside the subway exit and a woman smoking crack under a sweatshirt at a park on the way.

Smoked salmon tartine, pickled onions, cream cheese, meyer lemon.  $15 for this thing!!! delicious but geez.

Porchetta & fried egg sandwich, salsa verde, soft bun.  Also $15 geez


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