2 Weeks in August

round 2 of tomatoes coming in

Thea didn't like the cut of this bean bag's jib

Kyungwon and Kyle are distributing Knee Deep (from Cali) in Korea so I was happy to find it at Alphabet Beer.  Good stuff

stringing up the jalapenos that turned red to dry

the Jalafuego plant has produced like 20 jalapenos and they are hottttttttttttt.  The striated ones are super hot

the bee balm might have been a little to late to be helpful

the gogo (burdock root) seems to be going well but who knows what's happening under the surface.

solar eclipse 2017

Kimie bought a welder's helmet to view it

jen made a pinhole viewer out of a cardboard box and foil and we discovered that poking more holes makes more moon shaped projections.  Overall the 2017 eclipse in NYC was very disappointing.  I saw one in Beijing in 2008 that was completely smogged over so maybe the one in a few years over by my parents house will be cool.

my tomato princess

getting there

my size 14 queen.  Yep that's right she fits into the largest child size at J.crew crewcuts and this girl on our street spotted her.

we had a croquet, whiffle ball, and pinball tournament

strong rope brewery has this cool machine that seals these 1 quart cans with any of their draft beer.

The Hop Shop has expanded next door and they have 2 sweet cornhole setups with the backdrop of the Columbia waterfront behind it.