Goodbye Carroll Gardens

we've been moving stuff slowly 1 car load at a time to the new apt in Park Slope
the shiso and gaenip took a long time to germinate so i got scared and did this papertowel in a plastic bag method.  eventually the shiso survived the transplant but the gaenip did not.
Jen's bike has been sitting outside the apt by the stoop well into our front garden area for 3 years and was stolen in the daytime!  She only chained the front tire and not the frame which i said wasn't gonna do it but she didnt' care about this bike.  The balls on the person that stole this in broad daylight in carroll gardens, the safest neighborhood i've ever been in in NYC.

we took a trip to Connecticut to borrow camping stuff from Derek and Jill.  They bought the huge barn system across the street and it now houses all of derek's stuff.  for the first time ever most of it is in one place.  Here are all his VW vanagon engines.  A lifetime's supply he says.

the soul brothers room
waiting for the tubing adventure (spoiler alert, it never happened).

we tested 10 tubes and took 8.

yes, you may kiss the ring.

we stopped by Plan Bee Farm brewery on the way back because Kent Falls brewery was closed.  A very small operation with animals and great beer.  Steven says it's his fav brewery so far.

talking to our neighbor about vietnam, the small island in italy their from, his two son's being masons, etc...

Japanese Mizuna Red Streaks looking very cool with a bunch of kinds of leaves going on including their initial baby leaves.

where am I?  deep in the depths of the refrigerator.  It stopped working so I diagnosed it was the starter relay so i ordered one and spliced it in and it didn't fix it.  So had to call a fridge guy and pay him $420 for a new compressor and work time.  He said it was a good diagnosis and I did it all right but it was just the compressor had gone bad.  So I am 0-2 in the home repair game.  When will my losing streak end?  I will certainly add many more to the losing column but a few in the win column would be nice.

after using the onzowie needle cleaner thing our records started skipping, even brand new ones.  I think it's more towards the end of the record when the need starts hitting the cartridge head.  Still haven't had time to try and fix this.

technology.  took a paint chip in, they analyzed it with the computer eye and then the machine squirt out the proportions of paint it needed to make the cool blue paint in the apartment.

growing spinach indoors experiment because it's not a summer plant that likes getting blasted with 12 hrs of sun on the rooftop.

mushrooms coming in through the open window?

Occupying 7 gyms at once?  yes I was a Pokégod once.  Through my true grit, blood, sweat, and tears I worked my way up through the ranks of the Pokéworld and achieved greatness....and then they changed the Pokégym battling system and am just a normal average joe schmoe (cue final frames of Goodfellas)

much to Jen's delight I finally had to throw away Jigglypuff and Psyduck.  They look so sad and so am I 
not pictured, a whole day of renting a U-Haul van, loading it up, moving furniture, etc...  Bob helped and yes it sucked but not anywhere near as bad as last time.  It was good we moved everything but furniture over the past month.  We were going to hire movers but then in the end said F it we'll just do it ourselves.  Thanks bobbers again.  Later that night Van Der Kock would arrive at 3 am and be the first person to take a shower in our apt ever.