America's Birthday 2017 - Part 3

after a huge breakfast at country kitchen we scooped up mom and went to Keuka Lake Vineyards and Dr. Frank's.

my dad got these low velocity explosive targets and we shot them with a 22 

VDK hit the big bag of explosives and it shook the earth and echoed throughout the valley.  Peak America achieved

There were a lot of heated cornhole games as the championship games were played.  Also the annual Raish brothers vs. Raish brothers horseshoe game was once again won by the older Raish brothers.
3 Athletes take a much needed break whilst awaiting the points results of the tournament.

and after a grueling 3 days of blood sweat and tears from all the athletes the International Alternative Sports Tournament of Champions 2017 LLC Working Title comes to and end with much fan fare at the closing ceremonies.  The Golden Ax ® (sponsored by is awarded to the athlete who has shown the most heart, with this year's recipient being Jeanne Raish (USA).  Katie Ly (USA) received the MVP medal largely for her prowess in the corn hole competition bringing victory to several floating team matchups.  Floaters do not receive points if their adoptive team wins, which makes a floater's victory all that more courageous and honorable.

and here we have the winner's podium.  This year saw Sebastiaan Van Der Kock (Belgium) mount a crushing gold medal win after a rough day 1 start.  In the IASTC the current points leader wears the coon skin cap (sponsored by during the competition and the eventual points leader and gold medalist are awarded the cap during the closing ceremonies.  The Silver medal was awarded to Jason Raish (USA) who's victories in the horseshoes and corn hole championships brought him a healthy number of points.  The Bronze medal was won by Steven Hedley (UK) after pulling out an 11th hour archery victory, edging out 5 others who were tied for 3rd.  He held the arrow of fate in his hand as the sun dissipated into the atmosphere in the final hour of the tournament, and he fired it straight into a Bronze medal win.

I present to you the International Alternative Sports Tournament of Champions 2017 LLC Working Title athletes.  Give them a hand everybody.

special thanks to Robert Raish for doing the thankless job of spreadsheeting and score keeping and keeping the tournament matchups coming.

back at IASTC village the celebration commences and as with the Olympics everyone banged everyone and everyone swapped STDs.

a Kock and his ballz

how's it feel to be on the receiving end of the Dutch Finger?

on the previous morning Sebastiaan Van Der Kock awoke as a mere man, but on this day he awoke a champion.   This ladies and gentlemen is the face of champion.

after a very large American breakfast, a boy and his toys.