America's Birthday 2017 - Part 2

Party day

Larry Lawrence brought bubba cola.

who wore it better?

there goes the tail

I would like to think Elena (the only child) was very disappointed when the Piñata broke open and out poured a bunch of slim jims.

one of at least 3 water balloons I took to the crotch.

two of at least 3

VDK has the camera, he was running from a little girl

The whiffle ball game was arguably the most fun event of the entire International Alternative Sports Tournament of Champions 2017 LLC Working Title.

collision at first base.  stevers went all in.  The funniest part is that he doesn't know the rules of baseball so there were a lot of hilarious moments.

how fun does this look?!!

pinch hitter dad bunted on bases loaded so I was out at home.

the fate of the championship rested in a pop fly headed for first base.  A nervous Steven Hedley (UK) stood shaking beneath it.  When he opened his eyes he found a whiffle ball in his outstretched fingertips and had he one more microsecond he would have begun weeping but his teammates Jason Raish (USA) and Sebastiaan Van Der Kock (Belgium) enveloped him in a joyous embrace before the tears of joy could be released.  The team with 2 non americans won the championship.  Well done chaps

Mr. Lonely