A Honeymoon in Asia - Kyoto - Day 4

Our last day in Japan (besides going to the airport in the morning).

on the way to getting coffee at that lawson.  Did i mention how coffee in Japan is not that good?  I was so excited to try coffee done the Japanese way but I supposed you really have to go out of your way to get that or else you're gonna end up with convenience store coffee (because there aren't many coffee shops and the ones there are like tully's or doutor have tiny weak coffees).

we stayed at Kinoe Ryokan, it was $350 for the one night (prob because it was a week after cherry blossom season) and we did it cuz we should stay somewhere nice at least once.  It was a great location but like all hotels I feel like it doesn't matter that much because you just sleep there and leave.  When we first came they even cleaned our luggage wheels.

no thank you

they love egg salad in Japan and so do I.

and they love hot dogs and making monstrosities like this.

took the 45 min bus ride to Kinkakuji, the golden pavillion.  Ryoanji is walking distance from here but I gotta tell you honestly, it's such a time suck that if you're strapped for time I don't know if I would recommend going to this tourist heavy spot just to see this golden pavillion.  There isn't much else on the property.

i'm guessing chinglish.  Please wait for me here.  Feels Good.  Room for What

I love Ryoanji's zen garden.  

fire buckets

never saw this part before with these crazy trimmed trees.

the Yoshino cherry trees are gone now but these kind of tall weeping cherries were out in force.

either this is a sign of the breakdown of Japanese society or kids really like practicing their Kanji tables.

Japanese design is great, even this political poster.

Kitsune Udon at Tsurutontan in Soemoncho, Osaka

tororo, tempura, and curry set udon

the crush of humanity at the entrance of Shinsai Bashin shopping arcade.

Akira and Masako's parents took us out for Kushiage dinner at a place around the corner from their house.

we drank at their house and waited for Akira and Masami to finish their jazz work.  Their dad buys the huge whiskey and pours it into the more manageable bottle.  Once again Japanese people are too nice.  Everyone gave us presents.  Thanks again for everything Matsumura San tachi.