A Honeymoon in Asia - Kyoto - Day 3

Kyoto day 3 we went to my fav shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha.  Jen wasn't feeling 100% either.  There was a crush of tourists at the beginning of the shrine which was gross but once we made it about half an hour in there were a manageable amount

hadn't been up there before.  There's always a new corner to discover.

this poor fox lost his nose

garbage cans are rare in Japan, you could be carrying around a piece of garbage for hours before seeing one, and of all places there's one here.

regretting not buying a set of these guys for my ever expanding tchotchkes collection.

down by the river.  If I lived here it would be SWEET to run this river in the mornings.

They're always making new product

I met Kyle after his Japanese class

there were large golden birds that looked like eagles but they are called "Kites"  They were getting attacked by Karasu ravens probably because they are predator a-holes

Jen was back at the Ryokan sleeping for a couple hours so she missed this glorious golden hour on our last night in Kyoto.  But that rest did her well because she bounced back and was ready for our amazing Kyoto night which is coming right up in the next post.