Morgethal Frederics 30 Years of Signature Style

“30 Years of Signature Style”, Luxury eyewear brand Morgenthal Frederics’ 30th anniversary fall advertising campaign. As a New York City brand they wanted scenes around NYC. Photography and art direction by Chris Chieco. I did a total of 8. Most of these are big 36"x36" and took about 60 hours each. A killer workload but I am still alive. It was used for in-store displays, window displays, huge window banners, holiday cards, website, social media, and magazine print ads. Series selected for the 59th annual Society of Illustrators show (Jan 4 - Jan 28th 2017). And talk about luxury some of the frames are $2,000+!

me on the bottom left with Brody, Jen on the right with Cori's dog Gucci, John Nickle on the left, Jana up at the top with their dog Felix, Chris and Virginia in the Middle, 

in front of their madison ave store


wall street

Virginia and Chris' dog Wolfgang

Columbus Circle Store
these window displays are in all their stores including but not limited to NYC, DC, Aspen, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Palm Beach, Bal Harbour

even at Leonard Opticians on 3rd ave and something.