A year's worth of Illustration Spread Out - Part 1

Looks like i've neglected to show the illustrations I do as my living on this here blog for a year or more so here goes in a multi part series spread out so you don't get inundated with illustration.  This one was for the cover of Atlanta magazine's annual college guide

I started playing Pétanque when I lived in Paris and fell in love with it. Big 24x36″ poster size. In a kind of hidden corner in on Ile de la Cité there is Place Dauphine, where the Horse Chestnut trees bloom with pink in the spring and you can find people drinking wine, snacking on glorious French foods, and playing Pétanque. The rules are similar to Bocce but I think it’s more fun because the balls are smaller making it possible to snipe out someone’s ball or other strategic plays. The aim of the game is to throw your metal balls (boules) as close to the smaller wooden cochonnet ball (literally piglet) as you can. As with Bocce it’s traditionally been old guys playing outside but like with all things old the hipsters have taken to it also. Shout out to C. Coles Philips. Happy Pétanque’ing! Prints available here https://society6.com/product/ptanque_print#s6-4514349p4a1v3

I grew up with Newfoundlands amongst the pines of western New York State. I got the coolest pocket square in Japan with a blueberry pattern on it and lost it so this coat pattern is a shout out to that poor pocket square lying in the street somewhere in the world.

Oscars 2016 who should win and who will win annual thing they do in The Hollywood Reporter. This spread like illustration was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Represented here from left to right we have Joy and Fear from Pixar’s Inside Out, the Bear from The Revenant and Mark Ruffalo from Spotlight. Amy Winehouse from Amy and Sylvester Stallone from Creed. Brie Larson from Room and Lady Gaga for best song from The Hunting Ground. Alicia Vikander from The Danish Girl is drawing Leonardo Dicaprio from The Revenant holding the dress that Eddie Redmane’s character holds in the Danish Girl. Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn rounds out the page. Of course there are many more peeps up for oscars and if they featured them all here I would be dead now.

Pick a universe. Any universe? What’s to do when our best theories of reality can’t be tested. Illo for The New Scientist in the UK about theories like string theory that can’t be tested and the controversy of this untested method causing an uproar with the people that like scientific process

China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin buying big Hollywood studio Legendary. China has a foreign film quota of 34 films per year maximum that can be show in the country and they all have to pass the censor board’s approval. With this deal Wanda can make Hollywood films that aren’t foreign made, bypassing the quota (they still have to deal with the censors though).

contemporary writers envision lost and rebooted scenes from Shakespeare’s works for his 400th birthday.  Richard III played by high school nerd up against the quarterback in the school election (ps Richard III had a hunchback).  

half pager for Philadelphia Magazine about Millennials and how molly-coddled and protected and sensitive they are. Biting editorial that I agree with as a millennial myself.

Quick one for the NY Times in today’s paper. This was the brief I got because the story wasn’t in yet: “How New Yorkers are carving out personal space with headphones and nothing playing.”

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan is a must read if you care about your health and the food you eat. His little haiku is: Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. He actually wants you to eat, but moderately and make sure its food and not food-like substances. You can still eat meat. He outlines a bunch of simple rules backed up with science and the fault in this and this book. I included the ones that seemed most prominent in my illustration. Take your time on your food is the biggest take-away I got, hence the hourglass. Take the time to cook your own meals, take the time to eat your meals at a table and with others, take the time to garden, to shop at farmers markets. On the crest: drink a glass of wine with dinner, eat fungus and bacteria, cook, eat little oily fishes (healthy and well stocked in ocean). Bob’s favorite rule: Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. You’ve seen Pollan on food documentaries like Food Inc. and Fed Up. The PBS documentary came out a few weeks ago, streaming for free http://www.pbs.org/video/2365635287/


900 POSTS!!!!!!  THIS IS THE 900TH POST ON THIS HERE BLOG.  due to work and life I've been behind on posting so thanksgiving and the christmas season blurred into one, and it does these days anyway with christmas being visible even before thanksgiving.  I feel like an old man saying that.
Went to DC for thanksgiving with Jen's sistas.  Eric has a turkey deep fryer, it was good stuff.  No fireballs shot up 2 stories high

Barking Irons holiday party

they had a doo wop group and it was sweet

FIT MFA show in williamsburg

bob came over for a night of mulled wine, trimming the tree, xmas music, cooking, and the horrible xmas movie Krampus.

gettin' bob ready for a party he was going to, he looks thrilled

first time using liquid mask

stay tuned for this year's year of the rooster art.

and sickly again

this craft beer thing is going too far.  this is $70 in beer from the other half on one of their saturday can releases.  this isn't for me, these are future gifts for beer lovers, too expensive for me to be drinking them.

Steven saw this in his neighborhood earlier in the day and we met up for coffee then there it was in Carroll Gardens.  Photo stolen from stevie's intagram.

You Win Some You Lose Some

You win some, you lose some.  Jen's birthday yay, Donald Trump wins the election, oh no
Austin Texas' famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema opened up a location in downtown brooklyn and we went to see "The Handmaiden" Park Chan Wook's latest.  They still have a few kinks to work out but I'm looking forward to soaking in a lot of not you average films here.

their bar is a house of wax

Jen's Birthday at Mission Chinese and their Twin Peaks Laura Palmer hallway downstairs playing the creepy Laura Palmer theme with a photo of her at the end.

The famous Phil Khallins drink with coconut milk and gin

the piano and fishtank are cool but Mission Chinese has been ultra hyped and maybe that effects my judgement, overall I'd say it's "OK" and expensive for what it is.  Other friends defend this place and have been multiple times though.

Jen's birthday celebration day coincided with election day 2016, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.  Clinton was a sure win and someone even got a permit to hold a gathering at the intersection of President Street and Clinton Street near our house.  

We went to check out the scene but at that point things were going down hill and Trump was projected to win, everyone was gone and seconds later this food truck left as well.  The party that was supposed to happen at the intersection of president and clinton was not to be.

Back at Abeline the reality is setting in, the mood in the bar is dreary, people start going home.  Me Jen and Micela went to our house and stayed up past midnight watching the numbers come in.  The next day the world was blindsided and Trump won the election.  Now in December he has one the electoral college as well.  I hate politics but this one is significant because I'm not white and Trump has been a very bad example for bigotry towards many groups of peeps including minorities.  I could give a sh!t about politics, basically I just don't want to be the victim of a hate crime or slander or prejudice or other injustices that are now running amok in Trump's America.  Because I have in pre trump's america and can see it happening more in the future.  I seriously fear for this new America emboldened by Trump out in the open.  Sad to think this has been festering all this time.  I'm not a trump basher or someone that feels superior making snarky comments and talking down to trump, I just don't want to get ching chong'd more than I already am.

what do they need this huge mobile boiler for in Red Hook?

Steven tries the Bull Penis at Kenka.  It's gross.  After many drinks I wake up the next day with a fever and full blown sick (Yoon was visiting and I knew I was almost there and this was the death blow).  From here on out i've been of middling health with another full blown sick outbreak even!  Is this how winter will be for me now?

The Other Half on a saturday to buy beer for thanksgiving, this Fully Frothed was delicious.

arty commentary on America photo.

tried the new fancy pizza place in red hook, pizza moto, good stuff.

halloween happened we gave out candy at our house and watch a scary movie but that's it.  No one wants to get into halloween now, I offered the motivation but no one took it.  I had the perfect costume too.  3 diglets and when we stand together we would form dugtrio (pokemon)  It's brilliant and no better year to do it thanks to the pokemon go popularity.  You guys suck.

Citibike has made it to brooklyn and now these new stations take up 3 parking spaces all over the place and add more bikers and tourist bikers to the streets.  sure bikes are great but are the trade offs worth is?  This one is at the end of our block.