900 POSTS!!!!!!  THIS IS THE 900TH POST ON THIS HERE BLOG.  due to work and life I've been behind on posting so thanksgiving and the christmas season blurred into one, and it does these days anyway with christmas being visible even before thanksgiving.  I feel like an old man saying that.
Went to DC for thanksgiving with Jen's sistas.  Eric has a turkey deep fryer, it was good stuff.  No fireballs shot up 2 stories high

Barking Irons holiday party

they had a doo wop group and it was sweet

FIT MFA show in williamsburg

bob came over for a night of mulled wine, trimming the tree, xmas music, cooking, and the horrible xmas movie Krampus.

gettin' bob ready for a party he was going to, he looks thrilled

first time using liquid mask

stay tuned for this year's year of the rooster art.

and sickly again

this craft beer thing is going too far.  this is $70 in beer from the other half on one of their saturday can releases.  this isn't for me, these are future gifts for beer lovers, too expensive for me to be drinking them.

Steven saw this in his neighborhood earlier in the day and we met up for coffee then there it was in Carroll Gardens.  Photo stolen from stevie's intagram.