Shootin' Stuff - Day 3

WWI 1903a3. We shot the M1 carbine last time that spit the shells out

rifles hurt a tiny bit.  Shotguns, they REALLY hurt

hot @$$

so this super old shotgun dad got from his uncle hadn't been shot in forever and was using shells just as old.  it kicks so hard and really hurts.

after a morning filled with shootin' stuff we went to Keuka lake for lunch and to Racine's and McGregor's wineries and had a swell time

in the middle of a big strip mall area

adding on a dinner at Denny's that few people needed made us get back home at 11:30pm.  It was Steven's first time at the American institution of Denny's and now he knows better.  He concedes that he would go back if on a road trip again.  He did upgrade to the bacon cheddar tater tots unprompted afterall.

Shootin' Stuff - Day 1 and 2

steven got a bow, 45 bound recurve.  with no sight on purpose to make it more challenging, which it was

dad borrowed this 100 lb archery bag from the sportsman's club

korean Guy Pierce

I did these logos for moms for the Genesee Regional Newfoundland Club, one of the things they do are water tests including the dogs jumping out of a boat and bringing a life preserver to a person

we finally granted jen's wish and went to Mars bar on main street in Canisteo which used to be JD's which we used to go to in our teens as skateboarders and play pool and not be old enough to drink beer.  it was sad then and its a little better now.  Steven said its the worst bar he's ever been in, that's about accurate.  At least they have electronic darts

the opposite end of the spectrum at Cider Creek which somehow exists in the 14823 area code.  They sell it at a number of places in NYC now

the next morning bob then steven on his last arrow both got the apple.  I did not.  But later that evening I would earn my stripes by striking down the swinging pumpkin 4 times to their 1 and 0 times

Gettin' Nowhere Fast from Jason Raish on Vimeo.  Steven and I were so psyched for weeks for our 20 mile river ride in the inflatable kayak I bought and the 2 person raft that my mom for some reason had.  On our drive for 6 hrs we kept seeing rivers there were really low but we said oh well, maybe it will be ok in Canisteo.  We geared up and got down to the river and it was super low.  Watch the video to see how low.  We went about 100 yards down the river, draggin on rocks the whole time, gave up, drank a beer, waded back to our starting spot, spoke with two ATV's full of baffled hunters whose land we were trespassing on to access the river, and went back to the house with our tails between our legs.  Also the raft was for 1 full sized person and 1 child, the oars are super short and the paddle parts super small.

We tried to save the day by going to the almond dam but the raft was so useless it was not fun for bob and steven.  especially since it was so small and they had to get so up close and romatic.  if i didn't give them one of our kayak paddles they would have gotten nowhere.  a hilarious and pathetic sight, stabbing at the water with the two small oars going in circles turning uncontrollably for no reason.

they finally devised a crappy solution that worked, a board certified rudder boy.  I know from experience that a rudder or skeg on the bottom makes all the difference

they had to give up on the oars and bob had to duck down so steven could get little half strokes in

we learned a new man skill, opening a beer with another beer!

slomo jason bow from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

our rigged up swinging pumpkin challenge.  I was the super champion, skewering that pumpkin 4 times while the rest did it 1 to 0 times!

night fell and we feasted on pulled pork that had been smoking since 6am