Pétanque et Plus

Stacy and Phil visited and they are beer nerds so we went to The Other Half and then Strong Rope Brewery where we happened upon Debbie's buddy again, Amanda who's part of the Brewminaries, a huge home brew club.  it was their monthly meet and try and we got to sample some of their stuff 

fall petanque sessions have started

bob stayed over and we made a Korean little feast
my lean little bean sprout.  We played petanque in central park at an unused baseball diamond near sheep meadow with the misfits crew.

we had some left over white wine and cream so I made Coq au Riesling for hours and hours and I even cut up a whole chicken.  It was good stuff and pretty easy all things considered besides time.
steven enjoying a little tapper at barcade in w burg.  amazing how it was a budweiser sponsored game for kids
Bartlett and I hosted a little petanque tournament
we finall accrued enough balls to have two games going on the two bocce ball courts at bk bridge park
the final round superbowl game got heated and the jocks won.  such a shame

I found this guy petrified on my desk.  That's one good thing about summer being over

due to the large amount of petanque being played recently we ended up with 8 half baguettes in our freezer.  I looked up a bunch of ways to get rid of them and savory bread pudding was one of them.  This was also easy and delish!

Chris invited us to play racquet ball down in sheepshead bay and it was embarassing and exhausting and sweaty
pipérade again