Summer illo work part 2

We love pizza!!!!  Or, “Honey, we’ve got kids on the pizza”.  Or, “Man you know I don’t like kids on my pizza”.  Another children’s illustration sample I made.  I wish I was rolling around on a giant pizza with my French bulldog

An Emory alumni, Lynn Garson writes about hitting rock bottom after the internet stock bust like many baby boomers who were sold a dream.  She said she hadn’t a care in the world and disaster wasn’t even possible in her mind. 

another spot for Golf Magazine’s Rules Guy column about golf rules.  This one is about how to play a ball that landed in a pitbull’s area and was then moved by the dog.  

spot illustration in Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston issue.  Health editor Melissa Malamut’s fitness odyssey around Boston

Strategies for getting past “Application Tracking Systems” or, robot pre-interviewers, to get a real interview. I thought it sounded a lot like being at the gates of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Full page illustration.