Summer illo work part 1

Cover for this week’s Washington Post Capital Business.  It’s about Startups who operate out of multiple locations at the same time and the difficulties they face.  DC is in the foreground and it’s supposed to be San Francisco in the background but I didn’t know any other landmarks besides Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.  That’s one place I really want to visit. 
Financial planning guide for the Military Officers Association of America

Full page illustration in this week’s The Nation.  Federal judge Jed Rakoff as Don Quixote is on a mission to prevent the big banks from dodging responsibility for the financial crisis. 

Spot for the monthly Golf magazine Rules Guy column.  This one is about what to do about an alligator and your ball.

My first true fashion illustration?  It’s under the Fashion section of today’s Wall Street Journal (july 17, 2014). Since I’m working from Paris I put them in front of “La Maison Rose” in Montmartre.  Ask Terry:  Q: At Saks, I recently tried on a denim jeans jacket with cropped, darkish-wash jeans and looked like I was wearing an updated “leisure suit.” How, and when, is the denim-on denim look appropriate? And how do you put it together?
—S.R., New York
A: You gotta keep experimenting with timeless, versatile, all-American denim. Jeans jackets and jeans won’t resemble matchy pantsuits when pulled together with a…
aaaand I didn’t even get the rest of the answer and this is all it shows on the site without subscribing.

Half pager for the National Journal about politicians who are against the re-naming of the Washington Redskins NFL franchise