L'Hiver Est Arrivé

Winter has arrived in Paris and it's not that bad except that it rains every day for at least 10 minutes.  Every day.  It rarely ever gets to freezing temperatures but because its always clouding and rain is eminent it makes winter not so enjoyable.

new butte aux cailles art

Le Temps Des Cerises in the Marais

the mayor's office across from bazaar de hotel deville.

Pont (bridge) Alexander III.  this is where owen wilson meets that girl at the end of midnight in paris at the end of the movie.

the Christmas market on Champs Elysees.  Vin Chaud (hot wine) is everywhere in Paris now.

these christmas lights on Champs Elysees are supposed to be beautiful but they are not as you can see.  I will make sure to avoid Champs Elysees pretty much forever.  I don't ever want to go there again and no one needs to because it's turned into a giant mall.

roasted chestnuts are everywhere now.

these things are pretty awesome

place de la concorde.

Notre Dame at night.  i think its lit up like this cuz its the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame.  850 years is a long time for a building

the seine this is on ile de la cité close to ile saint louis.  

I went out with my classmate Martin from Argentina to shoot night photos.  he also has a Canon 5D mark II.  what a horrible night, it was cold and raining the whole time.

this is one of the oldest buildings in Paris on rue des barres and is now a youth hotel.

looking out the front door of Chez Janou, a pretty lively joint off of bastille.

Le bon marche

at first i thought it was sad that they would hire an old man to sit there all day and read old newspapers just to sell merchandise but then it looked like these magazines and newspapers were for sale at this stand on the other side.

window display at le bon marche.

sometimes people's names here just look made up

homeless? he could be on his way


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