Ensuite - Part 1

Now on to more Paris

area near my house that is triangular that is very photogenic.

near the Pantheon.  You can see the church from Midnight in Paris back there on the right.

and this dude sleeping.  It wouldn't even be picture worthy if he wasn't so large and in charge.

somewhere between the Pantheon and the Louvre

cafe marly in the Louvre

the louvre.  great example of how the sky is always stormy but where you are is sunny or vice versa.

Steve McCurry is one of the reasons i'm into travel photography.  He's probably my favorite travel photographer.  He shoots on film and his colors are amazing.  Its a quality that you just can't capture with a digital camera.  He did the famous Afghan girl cover for National Geographic.  check out his work:  http://stevemccurry.com/ I bought this book at a magazine shop in Pau.  "100 photos de Steve McCurry pour la liberté de la presse"

I went to the Salon du Chocolate in some convention center down by the tram in the 14th i think it was

the sign says don't touch but many people stuck their fingers in there to get a taste.  gross

Marou has beans from vietnam and is good stuff.  they said they would be selling it in Le Bon Marche soon.

awesome hot chocolate that was super thick cuz it was made with cream and like 76% dark chocolate.


they had a "chocolate fashion show".  I thought i was gonna see naked women with selective parts of their bodies dipped in chocolate, instead i got some stoner art student's halloween party.  

have you ever seen a cocoa pod/bean?  inside the white thing are the beans i guess.  so the Salon du Chocolate was not as crazy as i thought it would be.  the fashion show was a huge disappointment.  I guess it was ok for a sunday afternoon out.  it says they have it in New York, Tokyo, Seoul and a few other places too.

Les Cocottes has been recommended by my uncle, friends, and the internets.  It's pretty decent.

I guess they like serving bottles of wine in these plastic bags cuz i've seen this before.

a cocotte is a pot and they serve everything to you in them and its supposed to be more like home cooking.