The Mighty Yangtze - Part 3 - Lost forever

Crying time.  Somehow 3 days of this 2 month asia trip did not get backed up onto my two other drives and the one external harddrive that it may or may not be on broke.  I took it to a data recover center ( and they quoted me $1,850 because there is internal mechanical damage.  I will try another place but it looks like i will have to pay at least $1000 to get these 3 days of photos (they are good ones!) and my entire music collection that i have been collecting for the last 13 years back.  This was supposed to be the 3rd day on my Yangtze river cruise and now it is probably gone forever.  Highlights were:  stopping for a few hours at this little village and buying some kind of tea that all the old ladies on the boat were buying, photographing the boats and village in this gorgeous gorge, seeing the 3 gorges dam, getting some great photos of unsuspecting chinese tourists, and a 40 yr old daughter and her mom calling me shuai ge (suave, cool guy (prob because of the hair).  The sad part is you and I will never see these photos again probably.  Now onto the next gut wrenchingly lost day of photos!


recuperar arquivos said...

It is really sad if you cannot recover the photos or files you lost. Those are reminders of the experiences you once had.