Shanghai Lost

The last day of lost photos, hopefully ever again.  Seriously dudes, it's 2012, everyone needs to back up their stuff in multiple places, it's like the responsible thing to do, comparable to keeping the oil in your model T ford clean for the modern world or something.  Don't let this happen to you.  I lost 400 GB of music, my entire collection ever!  I lost these priceless photos.  Every harddrive will fail eventually, it could be today or 10 years from now.  you never know.  What if there is a fire in your house and all of your back ups are in it?  I don't have an answer except leave backups at your parents house?  using the cloud isn't an option for me yet since i have like 6TB of data i need to backup (music, movies, photos, my artwork and photoshop files).  I am wagging my finger at you guys super hard right now.  everyone needs a proper and thorough backup plan, including myself.  I need to get on that.

Now on to Shanghai.  the first day of photos is lost forever.  at Shanghai north station i called a few hotels.  many of them were full and to my surprise a few of them said sorry no foreigners.  i finally found one jinjian inn on 1331 Lujiabang road .  I called kyou kaeri san and hyouyou san formerly from my japanese class in tokyo (don't know their real chinese names) and we went to Tian Zi Fang to look around.  we wandered around some more somewhere and at sichuan food.  Then wondered where to go for drinks and ended up going back to my hotel for snacks and drinks.  Missing photos include a bunch of nice photos of them including one of them kissing (they are nice looking shanghai girls), and photos around Tian Zi Fang.  Now on to some photos!


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