Bobbles and Squeak

Bubble and squeak is and english breakfast food made from leftover vegetables. You can make up something dirty for "Bobbles and squeak". hahahahha

got you mel. Mel and Debbie and I helped bob pick out some new digs at Uniqlo. A momentous event for Bobbles.

now a flexitarian bobbles demanded Amy Ruth's fried chicken

the new Bob. I'm sure he would prefer not to be called Bobbles or Bobsicle but we're gonna do it anyway because he doesn't want to be called bob in the first place.

why the H were we over here? oh yea because we hung out with Sonu and you never know where you're going to end up.

oh look mel your favorite couple.

tacos with debbie and benny after watching "the artist"

make your own caption.

this is either really embarrassing or really sexy for you to see bobbers BEING the song. This might have been total eclipse of the heart.

Raish bros going there. Little Mermaid - Part of your world.

Bob's last NYC eating experience for this year was Ray's Pizza. Good luck getting that in Colorado buddy

Ok Bob, well see you next year in some other country then.

a certain IMAX theatre. my first time seeing a movie in IMAX, i saw mission impossible ghost protocol. screen is huuuuuge and it was pretty sweet. The movie also gets a thumbs up from me. it felt like what going to the movies to see and action flick should feel like. I also feel that the huge IMAXness of it helped this be the best movie theatre experience i've had in like 20 years.

me and van der kock tried our best to resist the call of the night after the movie but failed and ended up going to this loft party where there was this duo playing, a dude and this this girl on drums that was mashing like Meg from the White Stripes. It was pretty hot.

mounted police on Orchard on the way home.

No Pants Subway ride day. organized by improv everywhere. I like the idea of doing crazy stuff but visually its pretty gross. something about wearing shoes and underwear is gross. Do you ever see hot Sears catalog models? NO!

do you see a lot of tube socks and granny panties? YES!

Thaler Done Got Married

Thaler my old FIT dorm and 53rd street buddy got married....on new years eve! thanks a lot.

he bought this old huge van for a couple hundred bucks. the idea was that it would transport everyone to the wedding and reception. here they are spending half a day fixing it.

the church

the rehearsal dinner

these guys are getting married.

back at thaler's house (this is in syracuse)

his volvo

he bought some land and a house (a super super fixer upper)

a silo that he plans to make into a studio.

inside. if anyone can do it its T barnes. he has been doing construction for years and has a design and construction company with his brother and knows his sheit.

assembling stars at the wedding reception venue. this was very much a family wedding, very few single ladies and wedding crashers like antics to be had.

10 of us trying to get to the wedding in that van. here they are spraying ether onto some belt. the van crapped out a few times and finally at the end of thaler's block. They popped the clutch and coasted down to his house and we took various cars there. lucky us cuz the church was 20 min away and we could have been stranded and really late.

what's a cry room? does bob know all too well?

we had to pound beers in the church parking lot so we could tie them to the wedding car with dental floss

good ol' bobby raish. So we didn't get to eat anything all day cuz we were setting up stuff and running around. so by reception time we were starving and super susceptible to alcohol.

caught you guys, why were you in the bathroom together so long?

reception time with dinner and drinks and dance and then new years countdown and it was time to sound in the new year.

this is going to be the cover of brown's new album. i've heard it and its full of R and B autotune dance crap. shoulda stayed hard brown. now you're more like chris brown than darkin brown. only twice as sweet with two left feet. Lay's wouldn't give him any ad money but he loves chips so much he said F-it, ima represent with the chips.

or this could be the cover too. the fluffiest sweetest mother lover you've ever seen. are you supposed to be like a 5 year posing for your kindergarten studio portrait bein' all cute and sheit? You really did go soft brown

so basically the rest of the night was us laughing at how darken was so rat-assed. Here he is counting off his new years resolutions which i can't repeat here.

this photo creeps me out

we wheeled darkin inbetween the beds and the other Jason grabbed the hat off his head mid jump. you can see it if you look closely.

also take my g-damn tie off darkin before you get any crap on it.

there it is ladies and gents. that's it.

he loves getting molested on new years. and every new years the raish brothers deliver.

and loves getting kicked out of bed and made to sleep on the floor. Other notable things that happened were that earlier darken got kicked off the bed upstairs for gobbling down chips all over it, he was so forgone that i fed him chips and he accepted it, He whipped a sub out of nowhere and started eating it, and got the worst Raish bros sandwhich of his life...and liked it. Well, that's if for this new year.