Harro Rondon

If I have to spell it out for you its "Hellon London" in Japanglish.

this is the first picture I took in London. a large gentleman squished into the super skinny handicapped box. this is one of my prize captures.

Brick Lane is all Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani restaurants. Curry is the official unofficial food of England. Everyone here as a way better knowledge of Indian food than Americans.

side street off bricklane that is always full of merry making drinkers. this side street has cool shops, a cool record store, and a cool bar (the big chill bar). and this picnic table side cart establishment that you see here at the start of the street.

there are these wait button signs everywhere because the streets have these mini islands in the middle where you can cross halfway but have to wait to cross the other half.

One sign amongst many in my argument that London is like CandyLand. once i get enough of these signs together i will make a comprehensive post and you will see how Jubilee, Elephant and Castle, Picadilly, Battersea, Oxford Circus, and Gumdrop Lane come together to form a giant CandyLand board.

the finest english breakfast i've eaten so far, somewhere in Chelsea.

a woman facing her demons at the Saatchi gallery. Or else wondering what the hell is going on like the rest of us.

Old street is another cool area that just blends into Shoreditch.

at the brittish film institute they were giving out these hats that are from the Avengers to promote something like classic england or something. I knew we could take a stupid uninspired pic later on and we nailed it.

Electricity Showrooms is in shoreditch and is highly recommended especially on thurs, fri, sat nights when the downstairs room is playing music and turns into a dance party.

i like the wall paper downstairs too. it looks like it could be designer wallpaper.

the light up dance floor downstairs.

Oh look its the full british version of David Joseph instead of the half british mexican jew version we have to settle for in New York.

outdoor tri compartment p!ss stations.

just look at this specimen will you. dude is a walking human hamburger and he's not afraid to show it. Look at his shirt. Kudos on the body proportions. I don't think he's getting home anytime soon. Looks like he did too many hamburger shots

Phone booths around london are frequently decorated with this.

somewhere off bricklane

CCTV mobile enforcement vehicle. whatever that means.