Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a stretch of the eastern coast of spain that goes from Blanes northeast of Barcelona all the way to france. we went to Isla Roja, a beach near the town of Begur. It's a nudist beach. No one had any qualms about lettin' there tapas hang out. We also went to a couple other spots beach hopping but i don't know what they were called.

when i see maps like this on peoples blogs or anywhere that do not pertain directly to where I am going in the next 5 minutes I glaze over and keep scrolling. I'm just putting this here for the people who might be interested in this kind of geographical stuff. googlemaps said it takes 2 hrs to drive there. i think that grey line is the border of france. this is noteworthy because later you'll see pics of this beautiful seaside trail you can walk all the way to france

5 people in this SEAT Ibiza. Javier's car. this one day after my pamplona trip and i had a 2 day hangover so dragged me into the car, i was barely alive. i was like a pile of rotten hamburger that they had to shape into the form of a human.

we got there on a friday night. one thing that really helps a hangover is a skinny dip in the moonlight in your own private half crescent shaped beach paradise.

we camped on the beach and slept in tents. we ate various stuff including flame grilled anchovies.

Woke up to this. and by wake up i mean finally fell asleep after a night of pain on the sand and woke up 30 minutes later to this. sleeping in a tent on the beach is hard work.

this photo is kind of redundant but it shows mary joe's friend's dog. Spanish people can't say my name and they say "yason". so for the longest time i thought this dogs name was Yak, like a cute name for a little white and brown spotted dog juxtapozing the size difference btwn a huge white and brown spotted Yak. foolish me, his name ended up being "Jack". hahahahha

pretty sweet right?

next for some reason we beach hopped over to this semi hidden alcove that Mary Joe's friend knows about cuz he lives here. There was no one else around. we ate bocadillos, cheese, cherrys, and other crap. They said to watch out for dark spots under the water because they are sea urchins and you don't want to step on one.

this made me really paranoid so i took my time wading out to swim so i wouldn't step on any spiky sea urchins. the current was strong there so the proper way is to just plunge in and swim out instead of wading out and slipping no razor sharp rocks because the waves are pushing you around. I ended up getting a pretty sizable laceration on this foot and a smaller one on the other foot. it was bleeding a lot and it looked super deep. I didn't want to ruin anyone's good time so i just waited it out. finally i soaked them in the Mediterranean and when the blood was gone it didn't look so serious.


another inlet

Costa Brava is where rich people, a majority of them being foreigners buy houses.

There is this trail that you can walk on all the way to france that follows the Mediterranean sea along the coast. we walked it for half an hour. see those potted plants that lead to those stairs that lead around the corner? that's part of the trail. the trail also leads you through people's property and in one place right through their patios. it is super beautiful and the rich people really take care of their landscaping. you end up walking up and down and along ridges jutting out over the Mediterranean all while being surrounded by beautiful houses, architecture, and landscaping.

the trail.

they said this symbol can be found throughout europe and signifies especially special trails. there was one of these symbols every 20 feet or so.

one of many docks or watever you call this that we walked through. just walking through people's backyards basically.

one of the many coves

this shot was taken from the trail up on a ridge. we hungout at this beach for a while. the water was so aqua it hurt. What a day. can you imagine walking all the way to France looking at this kind of stuff all the way?

the next day was stormy. but in spain that doesnt mean it will rain. it was really cold and windy though so we went home.

but not before javier jumped off this tall rock.


MC said...

amazing place and amazing pics, dude. The mark II is really agreeing with you.

Jason Raish said...

thanks MC, yea the 5d mk2 is killer

Jolanda said...

can you give me the location of the picture under the "iodinepicture" ?
I'm searching for a special place to ask my girlfriend to marry me and this looks amazing:-)

Jason Raish said...

sorry jolanda, i don't know the exact location, i just know that it's isla roja and you can probably find the location if you search on flickr or somewhere else where people have geotagged that rock. i remember seeing pictures of it online before.