Before the Accident

the spider at roppongi hills

the post office in japan is awesome. no wait, they're so nice and helpful, the opposite of the post office in china.

my roomates double sided slippers. i have been waiting to see some crazy japanese slipper inventions since you have to take your shoes off all the time i was thinking their slippers would be centuries ahead of normal slippers.

some art supplies from the art store. i've already made 3 painting with this stuff.

waiting for jonny depp. there were corrals of girls all over being held back by security. he was in japan to promote his movie "public enemies". i think it was still like 4 more hours until he was supposed to show. these girls are up here like snipers.

can't wait to see this movie

some statue was stolen by some group on the west side of shibuya station.

riding the bus still sucks in japan

and its upholstery is like a 5 yr olds room

beijing flashback. this was one of the installations at the Mori art museum at roppongi hills.

teppanyaki friday with my roomate.

tokyo tower from the top of roppongi hills. i used to run from my house to the base of tokyo tower and back, from up here it look soooooo far away but its only about a 6km roundtrip. i do it in about 30 min. but now after the accident i don't know what i should do.

hooked up

a few days later i could open my eye